FG apr 19 2019 featured photo

Precious Easter Cakes and Pastries for a Big Easter Fairy Party

Easter is within a few days, and every fairy garden has started to fill up with delicious Easter cakes and pastries. Fairy bakers and pastry chefs worked extremely hard every day to make sure that there are cakes and treats for everyone who will be celebrating the wonderful time of Easter in the fairy garden. […]


Showstopping Dessert Showpieces to Unveil at a Valentines Fairy Ball

As Valentine’s Day, one of the biggest celebrations in the whole fairy kingdom, continues its approach, preparations are going underway. Some of the best bakers and cooks in the whole fairy kingdom have been working tirelessly. Cakes, desserts, and pastries, sweet and delicious, are a must at such a grand event. But they can’t be […]


The Fairy Scoop: Best Fairy Garden Pastries and Cakes

Every day, fairies work hard in their fairy gardens to tend to their pastures and crops to yield the best harvests. Using their fairy magic, they make sure that plants and crops grow to become their best so they can make the best fairy garden pastries and cakes that they could offer. Fairies love to […]