FG Jun 2 2019 christmas in July featured photo

Hear the Bells Ring with the Fairy Garden’s Annual “Christmas in July” Sale!

Every year, temporal magic sizzles through the air of the Fairy Garden during July. Time bends and shimmers; and somehow, you start to hear sleigh bells ringing overhead as fluffy tufts of snow start settling onto the branches of pine trees. Could it be? Is it suddenly Christmas? Only the magic of the fairies could […]

Enchanting Christmas Fairy Garden Scenes

10 Most Enchanting Christmas Fairy Garden Scenes

‘Tis the season to give and because the holidays are just around the corner, we’re bringing you the 10 most enchanting Christmas fairy garden scenes! You still have time to grab these magical little treats for your fairy garden. Read on to find out how! Welcome to Winter Wonderland Fairy Scene Let your fairy friends […]

Holiday-Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

The Fairy Scoop: Holiday-Themed Fairy Garden Accessories & Events Coming Up This Month!

Photo by Jardines en Lata on Instagram Hello Fairy Garden Lovers! It’s the beginning of yet another week and it’s the first Monday of December. Many of you must be counting down the days until Christmas and with this, we’re also giving you some amazing holiday-themed fairy garden accessories and events to look forward to. […]


The Sweet Scenes For A Fairy Garden Christmas

Hello Fairy Lovers! Christmas is in the air and it is time to decorate your terrarium for those in wintry weather, but you might live in a sunshine state and you want to give your fairies a bit of Christmas cheer. We have some great Christmas fairy scenes for you but all orders to arrive […]