featured photo 01 18 2019

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Fairy Cookies and Pastries for Valentines

The air gets sweeter and sweeter with every day that brings us closer to Valentine’s Day. Fairies all over the world are bustling and preparing, making sure that even they are ready for a festival of love and romance. It’s not just about that perfect measure of fairy dust to sprinkle on some human couples […]


How to Throw a Fourth of July Backyard Fairy Garden Party

The Fourth of July came and went just like fireworks in the night sky, but that doesn’t mean the party is over. If you’re looking to host a late Independence day gathering, here’s how to throw a Fourth of July backyard fairy garden party. Your fairies will love joining in on the fun and celebrations […]


How to Host a Fairy Garden Summer Backyard Party

The warm, sunny days are upon us and it is truly the best time to host a fairy garden summer backyard party. Fairy lovers like yourself can gather your closest friends and family to celebrate the summer season, a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion with a fairy garden-themed party. Of course, this will be complete […]


Whimsical Fairy Themes for Your Christmas Party

Whimsical Fairy Themes for Your Christmas Party The season demands nothing else but tons of parties. Most of us are aware that party themes set the mood and bring up the spirits of any celebration. Since we are tired of seeing the same old Christmas party themes, we’re introducing unique Christmas party themes! These will not demand […]