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Set up an Enchanted Fairy Forest Party

This is the summer to create some magic of your own: set up a splendid enchanted fairy forest party that bring all the spellbinding fantasy of fairies into an event! Fairies love parties themselves, after all. So why not borrow a bit of that wonderful fairy magic to transport your party guests into a magical […]

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Coffee, Tea, and Me? A Sparkling Starbucks Valentine’s Day Fairy Party

The most romantic day of the year is steadily approaching and everyone is getting ready for it. Valentine’s Day is such a wonderfully sweet day for lovers, so you can just imagine how incredibly loving and magical it must be for fairies. Fairies experience romance and love just as much as people do, and they […]

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How to Prepare An Enchanting Fairytale Sleepover

What better way to truly enjoy a fairy garden than with a wonderful sleepover night where you can gaze out at twinkling fairy lights that glimmer over your fairy garden scene? Kids will love enjoying the fairy world, looking out at its delicate forms nestled in the grass, so why not make the entire experience […]


How to Host a Fairy Garden Summer Backyard Party

The warm, sunny days are upon us and it is truly the best time to host a fairy garden summer backyard party. Fairy lovers like yourself can gather your closest friends and family to celebrate the summer season, a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion with a fairy garden-themed party. Of course, this will be complete […]


Candy Cane Fairy Party Kick Off For Christmas

Hello Fairy Lovers! Well today is the big day for the fairies in the Fairy Kingdom. It is the annual kick off Candy Cane Fairy Party! This is the big party before all the fairies get so busy they forget to mark their calendars for the Candy Cane delivery date. Did you know that the […]


Whimsical Fairy Themes for Your Christmas Party

Whimsical Fairy Themes for Your Christmas Party The season demands nothing else but tons of parties. Most of us are aware that party themes set the mood and bring up the spirits of any celebration. Since we are tired of seeing the same old Christmas party themes, we’re introducing unique Christmas party themes! These will not demand […]