Broken Clay Pots Fairy Garden

Hello Fairy Lovers!

Notice the pile of broken pots you have in your backyard? There’s a good reason why you shouldn’t throw them out. The fairies have whispered to us that they would love to transform them into whimsical homes!

Fairy gardening with the use of broken pots is the newest trend today! We can say that it’s a good way to create a fairy garden and being resourceful at the same time.

We’ve gathered a few fairy gardening with broken clay pots inspirations for you to see and start creating your very own magical land!

Fairy Gardening with Broken Clay Pots Inspiration 1

Genevieve Gail

Image Credits: Genevieve Gail

This fairy garden is made with broken pots, birdhouses, bench, summer birds, owl, and plants of your own choice.


  1. Pink Butterfly Bench

This adorable butterfly bench is perfect for this project. With its dainty details, the fairies would love it! They are bound to spend time hanging out with other pixies on this relaxing bench.

  1. Birdhouse Picks

The fairies’ winged friends would be glad to see this set of gorgeous birdhouse picks! It’s a beautiful home for the cutest fairy birds.

  1. Summer Birds

These adorable summer birds are the fairies’ favourites. They are very friendly and they sing beautiful songs that the enchanted folks love to listen to.

Fairy Gardening with Broken Clay Pots Inspiration 2


Image credits: Lynette

This beautiful fairy gardening inspiration is made of broken clay pots, stepping stones, bridge, snails, and a pumpkin house. It’s perfect for a spring or summer theme!


  1. Rustic Flower Shaped Stepping Stones

The enchanted folks would be thrilled to see where these lovely stepping stones lead them to. They would love to play and skip on these stones.

  1. Pumpkin House

The pumpkin fairies would be happy to move into your broken clay pot fairy garden when they see this lovely pumpkin house!

  1. Metal Bridge

This metal bridge adds a rustic vibe to your broken clay pot fairy garden. It will easily add beauty to the look of your clay pot garden. The fairies love it!

Fairy Gardening with Broken Clay Pots Inspiration 3


Image credits:

This wonderful fairy garden inspiration is made of broken clay pot, fairy, pots, trellis, and succulents. If you’re fond of succulents, then this idea is fantastic for you!


  1. Fairy Bliss

Fairy Bliss is perfect for this project. Her name simply means that she is bound to bring endless happiness in your mini magical kingdom!

  1. Tiny Pots

What can be cuter than seeing tiny pots on a clay pot fairy garden? The flower fairies would be glad to see empty tiny pots where they can plant more flowers for your fairy garden!

  1. White Triple Trellis

This white triple trellis is beyond elegant! With its lovely details, the flower fairies would be delighted!


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