Celebrate Labor Day in Fairy Style

Hello, Fairy Lovers!

It’s Labor Day and the enchanted folks are packing their picnic baskets and their trailers.

Every year, the fairies and other enchanted folks make it a tradition to go to the lake and put up some camp sites. They spend time off from fairy chores and do some fishing and enjoying some barbeques. They also bring lots of delicious food with them! They grill hot dogs and burger patties and enjoy a cold beer or cola!

Let the enchanted folks in your fairy garden celebrate Labor Day in fairy style! We’ve gathered fairy items that are perfect for your Labor Day fairy garden!

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Camping Essentials

a  Fairy Tent and CampfireFairy campers would love this cozy tent and campfire that can keep their toes warm at night.

b  Green Metal Picnic BasketSome fairies love to travel in style. They will surely adore this unique and chic metal picnic basket.

c  Barbeque Grill – The fairies would be glad to have this beautiful barbeque grill for grilling burger patties and hot dogs!

d  Gypsy CampfireCampfires are just one the things that fairies enjoy a lot! They’ll definitely enjoy this one during camping!

e  Hammock with Do Not Disturb Sign – The music from the radio, the sound of water in the lake, and the fresh air would make any fairy want to take a nap and get comfy in this lakeside hammock.

f  Camper Trailer – Your fairies will have an unforgettable road trip adventure with this festive camper trailer! It’s painted with the most cheerful hues and is also very spacious so lots of fairies can have a fun ride.

Camping Fairy Food

a  Wine and CheeseThese wines and different cheese will delight the gnomes and elder fairies!

b  PotatoesThe fairies are baking potatoes to serve for dinner later in fairy style!

c  Hamburgers, Fries, and BeersThe fairies would love to chat with other enchanted folks over these delicious hamburgers, fries, and beers.

d  Fairy Ham Sandwiches The enchanted folks would love these scrumptious ham sandwiches and lemon ice tea!

e  Fairy Garden Lunch – This fairy lunch would delight any fairy! Ham croissant sandwiches and root beers are the perfect matches!

f  Cheeseburger and Cola – These cheeseburgers look so delicious paired with cold cola to wash it down.

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