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Do Bonsai Trees Belong in a Fairy Garden?

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Whenever the topic of miniature trees come up, most people almost instantly think of bonsai trees. But will these small trees do well in a fairy garden setting? Let’s find out.

Bonsai trees look pretty much the same as normal trees except for the fact that the whole tree fits in a tiny pot. It is a beauty to look at and is truly an object of marvel.

Potting Shed Creations Grow-Your-Own Bonsai Forest Kit

Potting Shed Creations Grow-Your-Own Bonsai Forest Kit

It is no wonder that miniature and fairy gardeners are pretty much tempted to have one take the center stage in their tiny gardens. After all, the only thing that matters is the size, right?

Not exactly.

Crepe Myrtle Bonsai Specimen Tree

Crepe Myrtle Bonsai Specimen Tree

One has to remember that bonsai trees are living creatures that require patience and lots of TLC in order for it to grow. If your fairy garden has other real miniature plants all in the same container as the bonsai tree, you might as well make sure all the plants need more or less the same thing. That is water, sunlight, soil pH and more.

Japanese Elm Bonsai Specimen Tree

Japanese Elm Bonsai Specimen Tree

Growing a bonsai tree (or keeping one alive) is a huge task in itself, even more when you try to grow it alongside other plants. If that’s too much of a hassle for you, why not opt for real-looking artificial bonsai trees for your fairy garden?

Most of the ones below are from a line called Nearly Natural and they are hands down stunning in real life and in photos! They’re actually made with silk and plastic and are quite easy to wipe clean.

Bonsai Trees

Left: Nearly Natural Podocarpus Bonsai Silk Tree | Right: Nearly Natural 2-pc. Cedar Bonsai Set

Bonsai Trees 

Left: Bloomsbury Market Decorative Artificial Desktop Japanese Bonsai Tree in Pot  | Right: Nearly Natural Silk Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Trees 

Left: Nearly Natural Silk Cedar Bonsai Tree | Right: Nearly Natural Silk Bonsai Tree

Do you think bonsai trees belong in the fairy garden? Why or why not?

In case you’re looking for other fairy garden miniature tree options, there are great miniature plants that exceptionally mimic trees in this post.

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