Enjoy A Remarkable Cinco De Mayo Adventure With Rosita

Rosita the Fiesta Fairy is pleased to greet you. She’s visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden and sharing some of her adorable products with you. She hopes that you’ll want to enjoy them for your remarkable Cinco de Mayo adventure.

Rosita The Fiesta Fairy In Celebration Flowers™ Fitted Scoop T-Shirt

Enjoy some magical clothing featuring Rosita the Fiesta Fairy. This is Rosita’s In Celebration Flower design on a fitted scoop T-Shirt. This is a great way to get into the partying mood for Cinco de Mayo. The design is bright and colorful. Several sizes and background colors are available. We love how the colors really pop on this black background. Learn more here.

Rosita The Fiesta Fairy In Celebration Flowers™ Pet Bandana

You can also get your pets into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo. One amazing option is this adorable pet bandana that features Rosita the Fiesta Fairy on it. If your pet is wearing this, we’d love it if you share photos with us. Learn more here.

Rosita The Fiesta Fairy In Celebration Flowers™ Throw Pillow

Add some Cinco de Mayo magic to your surroundings with this gorgeous throw pillow that features Rosita. You can get this pillow with the insert or just as the cover. Learn more here.


Rosita The Fiesta Fairy™ Apron

In this stylish Rosita the Fiesta Fairy design instead of being surrounded by flowers, Rosita is surrounded by a multitude of sparkles. She wanted to show you her versatile apron that will be great for cooking up a Cinco de Mayo meal, or for gardening, crafting, or painting. Learn more here.

Rosita The Fiesta Fairy™ Greeting Card

Rosita the Fiesta Fairy also has some beautiful greeting cards that you can use to spread some magical cheer this Cinco de Mayo. Each card is blank so that you can write the message that you’d like inside. Two different card sizes are available. Learn more here.

Rosita The Fiesta Fairy™ Socks

You can also enjoy some Cinco de Mayo magic with Rosita the Fiesta Fairy’s enchanted socks. They come in one size. These would be great for a May 5th campfire while enjoying tacos with friends. Learn more here.

Felicia’s Fiesta Collection In Black Cap

Rosita the Fiesta Fairy would also like to introduce you to her friend Felicia the Magical Fairy Book Club Fairy. This year Felicia will be joining Rosita at a magical Cinco de Mayo celebration and Rosita had to be sure that Felicia was ready for the big party. As you can see with Felicia’s outfit on this baseball cap, she’s ready. Learn more here.

Felicia’s Fiesta Collection In Magenta Pin

You can find another incredible Felicia design for Cinco de Mayo on a magenta background. Felicia decided to share her pin with you as it can be a fun addition to a sash or outfit. Learn more here.

We’re glad that you were able to visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden and enjoy some time with Rosita the Fiesta Fairy. We hope you have a great Cinco de Mayo.

Here is a magical fairy video for you to enjoy.


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