Enjoy an Afternoon of Sewing with the Fairies

Sewing with the Fairies

Welcome back to Fairy Land. Here in Teelie’s Fairy Garden, the fairies like Courtney, the Seamstress Fairy are spending the afternoon sewing. They get together and have sewing bees often. And, when the weather is nice, they like to do it outside surrounded by the beauty of nature. Today the fairy merchants have found a few special items that they wanted to show you a few different views of. They also found some bonus items to share with you.

Magical bedroom decor
1. Amazing Quilt and Bedding Set
Vintage Farmhouse Collection - Bed, Handmade Quilt and Full Bedding Set - Dollhouse Scale

Amazing Quilt and  Bedding Set

The fairies located this amazing fairy sized bed, quilt, and full bedding set on Etsy. The vibrant colors are absolutely beautiful. It is clear that every stitch is made with love. It is a vintage farmhouse style. If your fairies have a room in your home or a dollhouse, they would love to curl up under this stunning quilt and read a great book.

Magical DIY experience
1. A Delightful Sewing Room
Rolife Wooden Miniature Dollhouse Kit with Light-DIY Art House Crafts-3D Wooden Model Building Sets

A Delightful Sewing Room

The fairies found a wonderful do-it-yourself sewing room kit. It is a dollhouse kit but would also make a great place for a fairy to take up residence. It also lights up and comes with numerous accessories including miniature sewing tools, pillows, reams of fabric, a work counter, and a shelving unit. This kit is available on Amazon.

Fairy Sewing Adventures
1. Magical Fairy Masks
Betsy The Believe Fairy Mask
2. Adorable Baby Clothes
Dessa The Daisy Princess Baby One-Piece
3. A Journey of Patterns
Sewing Pattern- Miniature Cottage Style Bedding for Miniature Doll Beds 1:12 Scale PATTERN Ebook 42 Color Pages
4. A Magical Garland
PDF pattern and instructions Make a Wish. Felt kit. Digital pattern. Fairy garland. DIY pattern. Instant download. Nursery décor

Bonus Ideas

Our bonus items include magical sewing projects that the fairies have been working on.

Magical Fairy Masks 

The fairies have given permission for their photos to be used on magical fairy masks. The entire fairy collection of masks can be found here. The fairies decided to show you a mask with Betsy the Believe Fairy on it. It is available on Redbubble.

Adorable Baby Clothes

The fairies’ collection of merchandise also includes baby clothing like this adorable one-piece featuring Dessa the Daisy Princess. To see what colors are available for this adorable onesie or the other collections of adorable baby clothes, visit Redbubble.

A Journey of Patterns

Some of the fairies know that their human friends love to sew special surprises for them. That is why the fairy merchants decided to share this forty-two-page e-book of miniature cottage style bedding. It can be found on Etsy.

A Magical Garland

The final item that the fairies chose for today are pattern instructions for creating a magical fairy garland. It looks amazing and we know that it would look great at special fairy celebrations or for an indoor fairy garden. You can find the pattern on Etsy.

The fairies would like to thank you for joining them at their sewing bee. They hope that you had a great time. They hope that you’ll continue to visit and explore Teelie’s Fairy Garden. There’s much to see.

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