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It’s time to get ready for a fabulous adventure. Today, we’re going shopping and you’re invited to come along with us. We’re going to be exploring TheMiniDollShop on Etsy as they have some fabulous finds that you might enjoy for your fairy garden or dollhouse. 

Create a magical fairy garden scene with this stunning miniatures. Any fairy would be glad to make your garden their home if you have such beautiful options for their comfort and happiness. This fairy garden set includes treats, cozy furniture, and incredible décor.

This adorable miniature fireplace is perfect for the fairies to enjoy at all times during the year. It is beautiful and delicate. It also has lovely décor on the mantle.

With warmer weather arriving, the fairies are going to want to spend more time outside. This bistro set that includes a little table and two chairs is a perfect place for meeting up for a beverage, ice cream, dessert, or a meal. The cake isn’t included with the furniture.

Give your fairies a beautiful space to enjoy in your garden by adding some stunning décor. This arch also acts as a trellis since flowers and vines are trailing on it.

Depending on your favorite style when it comes to furniture, these natural wooden benches, chairs, and tables might be the perfect choice for you. These pieces of furniture are absolutely exquisite and are easy to include in a fairy garden as the floral accents, fairies and other accessories can be the focal point because the natural wood colors blends in well anywhere.

Enjoy the magic of the beach with a bucket of seashells. There are two options, pictured above is the larger bucket. You can also get a smaller one with a red handle.

Dress up your dollhouse into an incredible place for a beach getaway. This little shelf and the accessories are magical and would be sure to bring smiles to the faces of all the dolls and fairies who keep you company. We love the color combination with the blue and white as well as the nautical feeling that the anchor brings.

This nautical themed bookshelf is filled with fun and magic. As you can see, it doesn’t need to be used for books. Each of the items on the shelves are included and are glued down to ensure they stay looking their best. Your fairy or doll friends would love to have this in their home.

Be sure to come back and see us again next week. We’re going to create a DIY on making a playground themed fairy garden and you aren’t going to want to miss this fun step by step adventure.

Discover one of our magical book trailers.

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