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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, magical Wee Folk of Fairy Land, today’s walk through Teelie’s Fairy Garden is going to be full of sweet discoveries. We’re going to be looking at eight delicious fairy treats. They would all look amazing in a little fairy garden bake shop, or a dollhouse kitchen. They could also be incorporated into décor for special occasions or as a centerpiece.

Fairy Treats
1. Delectable Donuts
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2. Magical Sweets
Amazing Rainbows and Chocolate Candies, Fairy Garden Goodies, Fairy Treats, Miniature Candy Shoppe, Dollhouse Chocolate Candies, Cute
3. Fairy Food and Drinks
Starbucks Drinks, Fairy Garden Goodies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Food, Fairy Drinks, Starbucks, Cupcake, Star, Heart, Brown, White
4. Treats from the Fairy Kitchen
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Delectable Donuts

Let’s start by having a look at these amazing looking pink donuts. There are four different styles available on Etsy. The price is per donut. Each one has a different icing pattern on it. Can’t you just taste how delicious it would be when you look at the picture?

Magical Sweets

Next is a rainbow-colored assortment of sweets which include chocolate treats. Why choose what kind of candy to enjoy when you could sample a medley. Find them on Etsy.

Fairy Food and Drinks

The Wee Folk also enjoy getting to try out restaurants and cafes all over the world and that includes Starbucks where they get a magical coffee. Sometimes they take their drinks out into the park and enjoy them there with some tasty treats like miniature cupcakes with cheerful star shaped decorations. Find this adorable miniature food set on Etsy.

Treats from the Fairy Kitchen

Fairy Land is full of talented bakers. They are always trying new recipes and combining different flavors to see what happens. This selection of treats includes an éclair, a pretzel, and a sugar cookie. Everything is beautifully decorated and very pleasing to look at. Find this magical selection of fairy sweets on Etsy.

Fairy treats
1. The Pixies Mixed Up The Holidays
Sweet Easter Fairy Brunch, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Easter, Fairy, Easter Eggs, Teapot, Yellow Flowers, Cupcakes, Colored Eggs
2. Delicious Delights
Miniature 3 Pie Flavor Mix Set 1:12 for Doll's house collection
3. Amazing Flavor Combinations
Chocolate Maple Leaf Cupcake Charm (small) - Necklace/Charm - Autumn/Fall Jewellery
4. Autumn Gingerbread House
Miniature Halloween Gingerbread House - Dollhouse Miniature Food - Bakery Item for Doll House 1:12 Scale

The Pixies Mixed Up The Holidays

If you’re familiar with the Pixies, then you know about their mischievous behavior. You’re also aware that Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner. But, instead of bringing out an autumn tea set, the Pixies decided to bring out an Easter brunch. It was delicious but not what anyone was expecting. Find this charming Easter set on Etsy.

Delicious Delights

Isn’t pie delicious? And are you surprised by the numerous kinds that are available. During the autumn season apple and pumpkin pies are especially popular. We wanted your Wee Folk friends to be able to enjoy a selection of pies and found three that would be very delicious for them to try. Find their miniature triad of pies on Etsy.

Amazing Flavor Combinations

Chocolate and maple is a delicious flavor combination. The magical people at Sweets of My Own found it so delicious that they decided to turn it into an autumn necklace which is available on Etsy.

Autumn Gingerbread House

Our final tasty sweet treat for today is an autumn gingerbread house. If you thought that gingerbread houses were only something that could be enjoyed at Christmas, think again. This autumn themed gingerbread house is Spooktacular. Find it on Etsy.

Thank you for joining us on this mouth-watering look at some fun and tasty fairy treats. We hope that you’ll keep coming back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden as we have several exciting things happening in the next few weeks including launching some new fairy books including a magical sticker book and the Autumn fairy guide. We’re also available on social media and Bloglovin’ and would love to hear from you.

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