Why Fairy Garden Gnomes are Adored

Hello, Fairy Lovers!

The fairy garden gnomes are adored by the fairies and enchanted folks! Do you know why? Well, they are very friendly and helpful to everyone. They always lend a helping hand to the fairies.

They are hardworking and that’s what the fairies adore about them the most. They put their best foot forward in everything that they do. They are the fairy’s role model!

And most of all, they are fun and talented! They love to play music and dance. They don’t miss an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the moment!

Learn more about why the gnomes are adored! Click the image name for more details.


Friendly Gnomes

1   Gnome Reading Under MushroomThis adorable gnome is sharing his book with his rabbit and hedgehog friends! It’s a lovely fairy tale and they’re loving it!

2   Fairy Cassey and Codey on Mushrooms – Fairy Cassey and Codey are playing the floor is lava-fairies and gnomes love games!

3     Gnome Hugging FrogThese two friends have not seen each other for a long time! The fairies adore this gnome hugging his frog friend!


Hardworking Gnomes

1     Gnome Pulling Rock – This gnome is going to build his dragon friend a rock cottage!

2     Knitting Lady Gnome This knitting lady gnome is famous in the entire fairy kingdom for her work! The Fairy Queen loves her mittens!

3     Gnome Chopping Wood – This gnome is chopping wood for the kitchen and the fireplace too! Isn’t he strong?


Fun and Talented Gnomes

1   Gnome Playing Fiddle with Frog – This jolly gnome is playing the fiddle tonight at the bonfire! His enchanted friends, especially this frog, are excited!

2     Window and Door Gnomes – These gnomes are looking for their enchanted friends! They’re doing karaoke!

3     Gnomes Playing on Seesaw – The fairies were giggling when they saw these two gnomes playing on the seesaw! Aren’t they fun?


DIY-Build a Mini Gnome Garden! Just click the image below to see how!

DIY-Build a Mini Gnome GardenSource: Micheals.com

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