The Fairy Scoop: 6 Spring Flowers for Your Miniature Fairy Garden

It is officially spring! And while you may not magically grow live miniature fairy garden flowers right now, you sure can get it season-ready with these adorable spring flowers for your fairy garden from Etsy. If you’d like to get them, simply click on the picture or product name. These are my personal favorites so let me know what you think!

Miniature Polymer Clay Flowers Spring Blooming Tulip 6 Baskets

1. Miniature Polymer Clay Flowers Spring Blooming Tulip 6 Baskets

What better way to welcome spring than with blooming tulips! These super cute tulips in rattan baskets are made to order so if I were you I’d place an order right away. I just love the detailing of each and every tulip basket. The colors are sure to bring a spring vibe to any miniature fairy garden!

Miniature Flower, Large Pansies

2. Miniature Flower, Large Pansies

These lovely pansies will make a beautiful addition to your spring miniature fairy garden. These spring flowers are very cute to look at but growing real-life pansies is another story. They don’t do very well with heat so you mostly see them in spring. Since these pansies are carefully and exquisitely made with paper, there’s no need to worry about that – you can keep your fairies happy with lovely pansies all year long!

Miniature Polymer Clay - Wood Violet

3. Miniature Polymer Clay – Wood Violet

Check out the detailing of these blue violets – just so neat and realistic! Real, living violets are usually planted at the start of the spring season, making this one of the most perfect spring flowers for your miniature fairy garden. Its vibrant color is undeniably a fresh break from the usual spring colors.

Miniature Wheelbarrow With Flowers

4. Miniature Wheelbarrow With Flowers

Have you ever seen such a beautiful site? Any fairy would love to have this for spring. This wheelbarrow of love is filled with daylilies, geraniums and daisies against lush foliage. The play of colors is just so wonderful and very reminiscent of spring, when all the flowers are in bloom.

Miniature Hydrangea In Wooden Basket

5. Miniature Hydrangea In Wooden Basket

Hydrangeas typically grow in spring and summer so it makes sense to add these gorgeous-looking flowers to your miniature fairy garden. Their delicate flowers and vibrant colors require just the right amount of water, shade and drainage. If you haven’t yet grown real hydrangeas, but love looking at them miniature-sized, this set will be perfect for you! The fairies will love it too.

Flower Spring Miniature, Pink Hyacinth

6. Flower Spring Miniature, Pink Hyacinth

These bell-shaped flowers look all too real! The only thing that seems to be missing is the lovely scent it usually has. But there’s no complaining here, they are lovely to look at and would bring life to any fairy garden that needs sprucing up.

I hope the spring season and the right flowers will bring more magic to your miniature fairy garden! Don’t forget to keep the fairies happy by creating a special place for them. Start building a fairy nook now. You can get all your miniature fairy garden décor and accessories here.

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