The Fairy Trend-The Spooktacular Halloween Fairy Garden

The Fairy Trend-The Spooktacular Halloween Fairy Garden


Hello Fairy Lovers and welcome to my Spooktacular Halloween Fairy Garden that was put together for the Grand Halloween Fairy Party. This fairy party is hosted by Ms. Spooktacular the official Halloween fairy. The table above is one of the party stations for the grand event that will never run out of sweets. The skull fountain also magically fills with the sweetest mango fairy punch that never runs out! So, let the party begin and I hope you enjoy all the fairy Halloween decorations!

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Halloween fairy sweets bicycle

This is the Halloween fairy sweets bicycle that delivers the sweets to the Grand Halloween Party-painted in the traditional Halloween colors. There is even an orange sparkly candy on the handlebars!

Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch is where all the fairies in the Fairy Kingdom get their pumpkins to decorate their own gardens for Halloween. This is the first stop for Ms. Spooktacular in preparing the decorations for the Grand Halloween Party. The Pumpkin Patch always offers sider tea and pumpkin cookies to the fairies as a thank you for visiting!

Purple Glitter Tea for Two set

The Purple Glitter Tea for Two set is a favorite of the fairies at the Grand Halloween Party. This is one of the sweet stations that the fairies can take a break after doing the fairy jig into the late hours.

sweet fairies

These sweet fairies are having so much fun watch all the festivities at the Grand Halloween Fairy Party. They have even brought their pet spider, Sammy to join in the fun!


These pumpkins are waiting their turn to be placed in special places for the party. Ms. Spooktacular has the perfect spot for each one of them!

witch hat on the wooden round

You think that is a witch hat on the wooden round? No, it is Winny the Witch taking a nap before it is her turn to go on stage! With a snap of her fingers, she will be in full costume ready to preform-the show must go on!

Wanda-Zing, the Witch Fairy

This is Wanda-Zing, the Witch Fairy that is known for her superior flying skills. But as you can see she made the wrong turn and landed in the kettle of green goo. Oh, Wanda-Zing it’s back to the drawing board!

the greeting hall

This is the greeting hall for the Grand Halloween Party that the Gnomes constructed and donated to the King and Queen.

Boo pumpkin

This Boo pumpkin is so happy to be one of the sweet stations for the party as it can show off its magical skills of never running out of candy. This is quite delightful to all the enchanted creatures as they can come back as much as they want to, yes for more sweets-heavenly!

fairy costume

Pumpky is very excited to have his new fairy costume cleaned and ready for the Grand Halloween Fairy Party! She wants to be one of the best-dressed fairies and to make sure she has her fairy dust in the orange sparkly candy on her shirt!

friendliest graveyard

Not to fear, this is the friendliest graveyard in the entire fairy kingdom. The skull pedestal is actually a huge candy bowl. The fairies close their eyes and dip their hands in to pull out as much candy as the fairy hands can hold.

Fairy Halloween picnic

Oh here sits Sugar-Snap patiently waiting for her friend to join her for the annual Fairy Halloween picnic. As you can see she has brought magical lavender ice-cream for a treat.

Halloween celebrations

What a Grand Halloween Fairy Party it is going to be! Please join all the fairies in their Halloween celebrations! Click the image above.

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