Fairy Wagons and Wheelbarrows in the Fairy Garden

It’s all about wheels in the Fairy Garden today: wagons and wheelbarrows are some of the most coveted little treasures among the whole fairy land this summer. Both used for transporting wonderful things; the first transports fairies themselves, while the second helps them wheel along some splendid goodies, often fruits of the summer. Both are such lovely things to find when visiting a fairy garden, and more and more of them have begun to appear.

The Fairy Wagons

A fleet of beautiful wagons have arrived into the fairy gardens of the world. Traveling fairies rely greatly on these magical wagons to get around as a group. They may be small, but thanks to their fairy magic, inside them rests all the comforts of home that a fairy could need. Magic is especially important. Whole groups of fairies sometimes have to live inside the wagon, like a little caravan of them on a journey towards new adventures. Here are some of the beautiful fairy wagons that have appeared!

1.  The Green Little Fairy Wagons

This little wagon would blend right in with some flowering shrubs, keeping the fairies living within it safe. It’s made of green vine and topped with pretty plum purple roof shingles. The flower fairies that live here like to travel from meadow to meadow, scattering fairy dust wherever they go, helping the flowers blossom. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Log Wagon

Made of a half a piece of log that has been cut down and shaped into the most perfect little traveling wagon, it’s a very sturdy home for a traveling fairy to live in! The little fairy in the pink dress that lives in it lives a very cozy lifestyle inside this log wagon, protected from the elements in all her journeys as she goes from one garden to another. Meet her at Amazon.

3. The Fairy Gypsy Wagon

You might remember this wonderful little wagon from the Enchanted Eight last week! It the coziest little gypsy wagon you ever did see. It’s got pots and pans, a flowerpot under the window, plenty of logs for cooking and bonfires, and it rolls the fairies in the caravan from one forest to another. Get it at Amazon.

4. The Wild West Wagon

This wagon certainly takes it all the way back to the days of the wild west! Of course, fairies were there too, and did their wings get tired trying to fly so far all over the prairies and the deserts! A wagon to sleep in and rest upon is definitely in order for them. There’s even a little guard dog inside to alert them if they wander into wolves’ territories. See it at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Camouflaged Log

This log wagon, similar to the other one, is a lot more camouflaged than the other. It’s simpler, with larger wheels, and has its own set of wooden steps leading up to it. The fairies that live in this wagon like to hide it among the other wigs and branches, so no one but fairy friends would ever think of it as anything other than a plain log. See it at Amazon.

The Fairy Wheelbarrows

The hardworking magical populations of fairy gardens always own a wheelbarrow or two; it helps them transport everything, from chunks of treasure, rock candy, fresh vegetables, or even bundles of flowers to scatter throughout the fairy garden. Fairies are always hard a work creating magical new things, and they’re always trying to carry something. Sadly, tiny fairy pockets can’t quite do the trick for their efforts, so the wheelbarrows are a must!

6. The Leafy Fairy Wheelbarrow

Fairies are clever, magical, and love using things that they find around them. That’s why this enchanted fairy wheelbarrow is made of twigs and a big green cupped leaf. It’s great to use for transporting all kinds of fruits and vegetables, or even heaps of pollen from the flowers to feed butterflies and honeybees. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

7. Fairy Gardeners at Work

The gardening fairies also have their own little wagon. It’s carefully labeled for its purpose too. They use it to carry around seeds and tools and all kinds of things that they need to keep the fairy garden’s plants healthy and thriving. They work very hard and this little cart makes things so much easier for them and their work! Get it at the Fairy Garden.

8. The Garden’s Gnome

The gnomes are working hard too! They are seen as caretakers of the gardens as much as the fairies, and the gnomes have extra special plant magic that help things along. Gnomes are natural green thumbs and are gifted in making plants and flowers grow. He’s ready and willing to help wherever he is needed, with a trusty wheelbarrow in tow. Meet him at the Fairy Garden.

9. The Rabbit’s Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow is already being used; a white rabbit is working hard during the summer, stocking up his little burrow while there’s plenty of food to be found. All sorts of yummy fruits and vegetables are found in the fairy garden and the fairy farms, and he makes sure to get plenty of the freshest ones. Meet him at Amazon.

10. The Chicks in the Wheelbarrow

Uh oh, looks like a mother hen has appropriated this little wooden wheelbarrow! Inside, a warm straw nest can be found, with little yellow chicks peeping out and cheekily cheeping at anyone that happened to be passing by. Who could blame them: the wheelbarrow looks like quite a comfortable place to nest. It also makes it easier for the fairies to move into a safer spot just in case. See it at Amazon.

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