Bestselling Fairy Benches and Outdoor Furniture

Bestselling Fairy Benches and Outdoor Furniture

Since the summer days are full of such fine, fantastic weather, all the fairies in gardens around the world have enjoyed spending time outdoors. That means that the fairy gardens that they live in should have plenty of outdoor furniture and fairy benches for them to play and rest on. It’s not a surprise that around the world, fairy benches and other forms of outdoor seating have become such bestsellers to fairy friends looking to make the gardens a little more welcoming to fairies looking for a place to sit and rest tired wings, or just enjoy the sunshine.

Fairy benches come in all shapes and sizes, and the right one can really stand out in a pretty garden or make the “theme” of the whole garden look even more special. There’s just something so wonderful at the sight of such a tiny place to sit, nestled in the greenery and lanced by afternoon sunbeams. Have a look at these lovely benches and outdoor furnishings that every fairy would love to have in a garden!

1. A Fairyland Patio Set

Made with branches that have been hewn like logs, this pretty woodland patio set has absolutely everything: a nice wooden side table topped with a tea set (made of leaves and flower petals too!), and a two wooden benches. Flowering vines have wrapped themselves around the benches, adding an all-natural decoration to each seat. It looks so welcoming that a fairy has already alighted on one of the benches to play some sweet music on her flute. It’s drawn the attention of two bushy-tailed squirrels and some ladybugs, humming with the sounds of summer. Get the set at the Fairy Garden Amazon Store.

2. The Perching Owls

Made of a bundle of twigs, fairy craftsmen have lashed this outdoor chair together in such a way that it looks as though it would blend in on a magical forest floor. It’s a lovely little seat that a fairy could settle down in while admiring the splendid colors of summer around the garden. A group of little owls have found it inviting as well; they’ve come down to perch on the back of the chair, hooting their approval! Get it at the Fairy Garden.

3. Believe in Fairies

Not only is this charming bench so carefully carved and crafted by fairy hands out of deep ash wood, it’s also quite welcoming with an adorable pillow on top. Stitched on the pillow is the word “Believe”, which is what fairies would love for their fairy friends to do. Whether it’s to believe in them, their magic, or the fairy friend’s own, this is a cozy spot to curl up under and believe in the magic all around. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Blossom Bench

Fairies that adore flowers will be flying in from far and wide to sit in this beautiful wooden bench. It’s golden in color and covered in heaps of flowers—resting your back against it must feel like laying in a field of flowers! It’s just the thing to add to a fairy garden that’s covered in blossoms. Fairies will love to sit down on a bench of flowers while admiring the blooms around them. Get it in the Fairy Garden.

5. The Big Set of Fairy Benches

This is enough seating for a whole group of fairy friends! It’s a large, wooden, L-shaped bench that’s very roomy. They might have to leave a space for that adorably baby gnome sitting there, though. The set also has a beautiful wooden rocking chair for a garden fairy to curl up in, gently rocking on it as she gazes up at the stars starting to come out on a summer evening. Get the set at the Fairy Garden.

6. A Bench Full of Fairy Kittens

Oops, looks like this bench is already well-occupied! Four fluffy little kittens have climbed up on it to sit. These curious little cats seem to be observing something high up. Perhaps they’re watching the fairies fly by on their errands around the garden, and wondering if one of them can come down and play. A little blue bird is perched there too, and equally as curious as the kittens. Get the bench at Etsy.

7. The Blue Wire Bench

This one is rustic and adorable: it’s a metal bench in turquoise blue, and adorned with a comfy long cushion and a matching floral pillow. This is the kind of bench you could just see being placed out on the porch where the little fairy garden is situated. It would be nice to sit here and enjoy the breeze, or be seated here under the canopy of the porch as the fairies watch the summer rain trickle down. Get it at Etsy.

8. The Flowering Butterfly Bench

This bench almost feels like a royal throne. It’s completely adorned with huge pink flowers, and the seat it lined with emerald leaves. Sprays of lavender are added to each side, while a great golden butterfly is on the back rest. Swirls of of pink fabric complete the blossoming floral effect. It’s such a beautiful spot for a fairy sit down on and feel like a queen in a royal garden. Get it at Etsy.

9. The Swinging Fairy

Swings are must-haves this summer for outdoor furniture. This beautiful swing is built under a great arch made out of two little trees bent over together. Beneath it, a fairy is already swinging away, kicking her feet as her wings propel her higher up the swing as well. No fairy will be able to resist fluttering over to swing through, enjoying the cool summer breeze as they do! Get it at Etsy.

10. The Bunnies’ Swing

Finally, there is this beautiful wooden swing, carefully built out of twigs. It’s adorned with flowering wines, and the swing beneath it is shaped like a bench. This pretty swing already has a pair of bunnies cuddling beneath it, enjoying the tranquility of summer. It’s a beautiful swing for a pair of lovers, bunnies, fairies, or otherwise, who want to spend some quality time together under a bower of blossoms. Get it at Etsy.

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