Fall Fairy Fashion Trend

Fall Fairy Fashion Trend
Hello, Fairy Lovers!

As you can see, the fall season is quickly approaching! We know that most of you have prepared fantastic and magical Autumn themes for your fairy gardens!

But did you know that fairy decors aren’t the only things you can prepare for the season? In fact, you can prepare for the fall fairy fashion trend too!

The Fall Fairy Fashion Trend is about wearing autumn-inspired items that are personally designed by magical fairies. These fairies used a lot of their creativity and magic to create trendy items for the season.

Take a look at them now and step-up your fashion game!

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Faylin, The Thanksgiving Fairy

Say hello to Faylin! Our official fairy for Thanksgiving/Fall! From her hair, wings, and boots, you can see that she resembles everything Autumn! Her magical wings and beautiful dress are inspired by the season’s falling leaves!

She designed several fall items that you can wear for any occasion. If you like her style to be in your fall wardrobe, click on the item description now!

Faylin, The Thanksgiving Fairy

Faylin A-line Dress – You’ll look absolutely fashionable with Faylin’s A-Line Dress. It has a loose swing shape for an easy, flowy fit!

Faylin Chiffon Top – Faylin’s Chiffon Top has a loose cropped boxy style fit that is perfect for you!

Faylin Contrast Tanks – Faylin’s Contrast Tanks are dainty and it will look good on you!

Faylin Fitted T-Shirts – The Fitted T-Shirts are the best examples of comfort before style!

Faylin Mini Skirt – Any outfit would look cute when paired with this adorable Mini Skirt!

Faylin Tote Bags – Fashionable Tote Bags that you’ll love to carry around with you this Fall season!

See more of Faylin, the Thanksgiving / Fall Fairy products here.

Rusini, The Rustic Fairy

Do you like elegant fashion for fall? Well then, Rusini’s trendy design is perfect for you. Rusini is in charge of Teelie’s elegant rustic products. As you can see, she’s sitting pretty on a gorgeous rustic bench while wearing a glimmering green dress. Her overall colors are very much inspired by Fall.

Here are her most wanted elegant fall fashion items!

Rusini, The Rustic Fairy

Rusini Leggings – Leggings never go out of style. They make every outfit look so good and fashionable!

Rusini Pullover Hoodies – The Rusini Pullover Hoodies has front pouch pocket, matching drawstring, and rib cuffs.

Rusini Relaxed Fit Shirts – The Rusini’s Fit Shirts are slim fit and available in different colors.

Rusini Studio PouchThe studio pouch is perfect when you’re carrying small items with you

See more of Rusini, the Rustic Fairy products here.

Betsy, The Believe Fairy

Last but not the least is the whimsical Betsy!

“Betsy the believe fairy has one of the most important jobs in the land of humans. She has such strong magical powers that can make any humans believe in the magic of fairies. One of the signs that Betsy has visited your garden is you will see a little teeny sign, a stepping stone or even a wreath with the word believe in it. This is the tell-tale sign that Betsy has visited your garden.”

If you believe in the magic of fairies, then you should check out Betsy’s items.

Betsy, The Believe Fairy

Betsy Unisex Shirts – Betsy’s Unisex Shirts are comfortable and are available in different colors!

Betsy Graphic T-Shirt Dresses – Don’t miss out Betsy’s Graphic T-Shirt Dress! They’re cute, trendy and perfect for Fall!

Betsy Relaxed Fit Shirts – Show off those sexy curves that the fairies adore with Betsy’s Relaxed Fit Shirts!

Betsy Drawstring Bags – Betsy’s drawstring bags are durable with the long lasting printed design!

See more of Betsy, the Believe Fairy products here.


To complete your Fall Fairy Fashion outfit, you need shoes! Here are shoes designed by the fairies.

Click on the fairy names to see the full collection!

Fairy Shoe Collection

Faylin, the Thanksgiving / Fall Fairy’s Shoe Collection

Rusini, the Rustic Fairy’ Shoe Collection

Betsy, the Believe Fairy’s Shoe Collection

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