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Father’s Day Themed Fairy Gardens

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Hello Fairy Lovers!

How was your Father’s Day celebration? We’re sure that most of you prepared an awesome surprise for your Super Dads. Just like us, fairies also celebrate this special day and give gifts to father fairies!

If you still want to gain your dad’s attention then you need to see this special project we prepared! We collected fairy garden ideas that are based on your Super Dads’ hobbies – lakeside trips, golf, and fishing!

Start releasing your creative juices and start creating your very own father’s day themed fairy gardens!

Day by the Lakeside

Image via Studio M (Pinterest)

Day by the Lakeside

No father would say no to a trip to the lakeside where they can go canoeing, fishing, and grilling! This fairy garden is composed of a welcome sign, dock, canoe, bistro with sweets, banners, grill, and hanging fishes!


  1. Gypsy Moon Row Boat

This adorable gypsy moon row boat is perfect for this project! The fairy dads would love to try it! Click here to see more fairy transportation!

  1. Fairy Dock

Gorgeous fairy dock, isn’t it? The fairies would love to sit and fish in here! Click here to see more lakeside items!

  1. Hanging Fishes on String

These adorable hanging fishes are the perfect accessory for this project! The fairies would be in the mood to start fishing immediately!

  1. Lake Sign

The fairies would be excited to be welcomed by this lake sign as they arrive at the lake!

Golf Themed Fairy Garden

Image via Party Pinching

Golf Themed Fairy Garden

This fairy garden is perfect for our golf-loving dads! It is composed of a house, golf cart, tiny flags, tiny golf ball, stepping stones and bench.


  1. Golf Cart

Isn’t this mini golf cart lovely? The fairies love it! Click here to see more fairy transportation!

  1. Gray Stepping Stones

These gray stepping stones lead to the wonderful house where the fairy golfers can but their tees! Click here to see more stepping stones!

  1. Ivy House

The enchanted folks are delighted with this ivy house! The dainty details make it perfect for this project! Click here to see more opening door houses!

 Gone Fishing Themed Fairy Garden

Image via Party Pinching

Gone Fishing Themed Fairy Garden

The dads would love this gone fishing themed fairy garden! It reminds them when they had their fishing trip! This fairy garden is composed of a shack, fairies, bear, canoe, fishing equipment, and a cooler! gone-fishing

  1. Gone Fishin’

This gone fishin’ fairy loves to spend the day by the lake together with his best friend! Click here to see more boy fairies!

  1. Red Canoe

Some fairies love to ride the canoe and fish in the middle of the lake or the sea where there are more fish! Click here to see more fairy transportation!

  1. Woodland Wharf

This woodland wharf is perfect for this project! The fairies can get their fishing equipment here! Click here to see more opening door houses!

Credits to the owner of the inspiration images used, sources are linked in each photo.
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