Feel the Holiday Spirit with These Christmas Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

‘Tis the season for Christmas themed fairy garden accessories! Transform your fairy garden into a magical white paradise where it’s always snowing and fairies are having fun sledding and playing in the snow. Fairy garden accessories are truly magical, as they can double as quaint little presents for your loved ones this season. Here are some of our recommendations for the holidays or for your very own Christmas themed fairy garden!

Christmas Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

  1. Snowy Barn for Miniature Christmas Fairy Garden

Hidden deep inside the woodland forest is hideaway like no other. Every Winter, fairies head over to this snowy barn to share in each other’s company over some hot cocoa. Inside, they’re telling stories by the fire, sharing anecdotes of their travels and adventures. The snowy barn features a vintage lantern outside so that fairies can see it from afar. It also has a wooden fence and two trees flanking the front of the house. So unique and charming!

  1. Christmas Fairy Door

Featuring a cheery red color, this Christmas fairy door is definitely a must-have for any holiday-themed fairy garden. Its red color brings to mind Santa’s wardrobe and outside, there is a little sprig of holly to accentuate the door! Also outside waiting patiently for Santa’s return is Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. You’ll love this handcrafted Christmas door, which features a silver little door knob and a little keyhole where fairies and humans can peek through!

  1. Led Miniature Christmas Fence

Picket fences are always very charming and homey. This Christmas season, add one to your fairy garden! This holiday-themed picket fence has LED lights so you can light them up in the evenings. this will help fairies find their way at night, especially on the most snowed-in days. Also features a pair of holiday wreaths.

  1. Christmas Fairy Baby

Fairy babies born around Christmas are truly special. They have a unique set of magical powers that control the wintery weather of the season! This tiny baby is appropriately dressed in some holly leaves that match her holly wings. Some snow has fallen on her, but she never feels cold thanks to her magical powers. She’s also wearing a Santa hat that magically gives her protection from any harm that may come.

  1. Christmas Fairy Garden Mailbox

Add a rustic touch to your Christmas themed fairy garden with this little metal mailbox. Look inside and you’ll find that the fairies have left a little gift for you! This delightful mailbox features an artificial evergreen garland and a bright red bow wrapped around its stand. The mailbox contains a foil wrapped present from the fairies. What’s inside? We will never know!

Christmas Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

  1. Large Snowy Cottage

‘Tis the season for lots of snow, just like on this cottage that has been snowed in! Fairies will love to seek shelter in this large cottage that can accommodate an entire fairy family. The cottage has lots of intricate detail on its wooden windows and door and its stone facade. It also has a brick roof that’s partially covered by snow. Outside, a wreath and a Christmas tree bring good tidings to any fairies who wish to visit.

  1. Santa’s Workshop Fairy Door

Somewhere in the woodland forest, you’ll find this fairy door that leads straight to Santa’s Workshop! While no one knows exactly where this door is located, fairies know their way in and around the area. Oftentimes, when Santa and his elves get overwhelmed by the presents they need to organize in time for Christmas, they enlist the help of fairies. This door serves as a quick avenue for fairies to get to and from Santa’s Workshop in no time!

  1. Miniature White Picket Fence with Garland and Christmas Stocking

Fairies love to celebrate Christmas too! This festive little white wooden picket fence features a cute garland and some tiny stockings with gingerbread on them. You can also customize it by choosing which design the stocking will feature, such as merry little brown gingerbread men, a pretty white snowflake, or a festive green Christmas tree.

  1. Miniature Christmas Elf Pixie Boy with Christmas Tree

Meet Santa’s little helper! This charming little pixie is gearing up for Christmas, the busiest time of the year. He is dressed in his red and green garb, complete with a hat. He also holds a Christmas tree for when he decorates the town. He always has a cheery disposition, which is why the fairies love to have his company, especially during the holidays.

  1. Miniature Christmas Light Bulb Strand

The fairies can’t wait to put up their little Christmas decor! This little strand of Christmas lights are truly realistic and is great for decorating a miniature tree or home. Fairies can magically light up these bulbs for a truly enchanting Christmas.

These are just a few Christmas themed fairy garden accessories that you can add to your miniature garden this season. They can also serve as gifts for fairy garden lovers and friends! Don’t forget to bookmark teeliesfairygarden.com for more daily inspiration and great deals.

Holiday-Themed Fairy Garden Accessories
Holiday-Themed Fairy Garden Accessories

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