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felsie the story fairy

This past week at Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we’ve been celebrating Felsie the Fairy Story Fairy because she had the honor of being the fairy of the week. Felsie helped us to choose six items from her magnificent collection of merchandise to share with you.

Another of Felsie’s friends is Felicia the Magical Fairy Story Fairy. Learn about her in this stunning book trailer.



Felsie The Fairy Story Fairy™ Floor Pillow

Felsie’s Fantastic Floor Pillow

This stunning floor pillow features Felsie the Fairy Story Fairy on it. As you might have guessed from Felsie’s outfit, blue is one of her favorite colors. The background is also in a stunning shade of blue. More information is available here.


 Felsie The Fairy Story Fairy™ Apron

Felsie’s Attractive Apron

Since aprons are so practical for gardening, crafting, painting, and cooking, Felsie the Fairy Story Fairy felt that it would make an excellent choice to show you. Learn more here.


Felsie The Fairy Story Fairy™ Tote Bag

Felsie’s Magical Tote Bag

Since Felsie is the Fairy Story Fairy, she’s always carrying around books to read in gardens, parks, by streams, in trees and a number of other magical places. While she can use magic to carry around her books, this beautiful tote bag with her photo on the front would also be a wonderful option. Full details are available here.


Felsie The Fairy Story Fairy™ Coasters (Set of 4)

Felsie’s Fun Coasters

The next time you’re serving beverages, consider using Felsie’s magical coasters to protect your tables and deck furniture. These fun coasters come in a set of four. If you need more than four, you might also consider mixing and matching with other fairies in Teelie Turner’s amazing collections. Find Felsie and her friends here.


Felsie The Fairy Story Fairy™ Clock

Felsie’s Creative Clock

Felsie the Fairy Story Fairy’s magical collection of merchandise also includes accessories like clocks. You can find her clock here. She’ll help make the time pass in an enchanted way.


Felsie The Fairy Story Fairy™ Scarf

Felsie’s Gorgeous Scarf

You can also find clothing in Felsie’s delightul collection of merchandise. It was difficult for Felsie to decide which of her clothing items to share with you, but we persuaded her to show you, her scarves. Find them and her entire collection here.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed meeting Felsie the Fairy Story Fairy. We’d love to hear about which of the items in her collection of merchandise are your favorites. You can comment below or reach out to us on the Teelie’s Fairy Garden social media networks.

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