Head to the Fields of the Fairy Farm!

Spring and summer is here, with plants and animals coming alive and thriving with life. This also means that a fairy farm will be busy as it can be! Full of animals and produce ready to harvest, a fairy farm will be full of busy fairies looking after the year’s harvest and tending to the animals. The farms are a vital source of food and nourishment to all areas of the fairy world. Like in human farms, these farms produce the healthiest and best food that everyone eats every single day. Let’s go explore one!

1.  The Red Barn

This lovely scarlet barn in the fairy farm is where many things may be stored. It could hold the livestock such as cows or chickens. It can hold sacks and sacks of the year’s harvest. The barn could even stock bales of hay! You might wonder; would all that fit into one barn? It can, with a bit of fairy magic! See it at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Fairy Farm Water Tower

A fairy farm needs a whole lot of clean water to function every day. A big red water tower like this one makes sure that there’s always enough water for irrigating the crops, for the animals to drink, and even for the fairies themselves to use in the farmhouse or other farmyard tasks! See it in the Fairy Garden.

3. A Magic Farm Silo

A farm silo is where the fairy farm will stockpile grain. The farms, tended to so very carefully by the fairy farmers, produce much more grain like wheat or oats than they can use or send out at once. So during harvest time, all the grain gets stored up in the silo. It’s very useful for winters! See it at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Poultry Farm

Just like in regular human farms, a fairy farm has livestock, and that includes poultry! These fluffy chickens and chicks are safely cared for, allowed to wander freely over the grassy knolls and fields around the farm. The chickens happily provide the eggs that make all the delicious breakfasts and fairy pastries possible! See them at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Farm Pigs

Pigs are very clever creatures—especially ones in a fairy farm! Some pigs can root out precious truffles hidden in the ground. It’s quite an expensive ingredient and a must have in royal cuisine. It’s no wonder that the farm takes such good care of them! Meet the pigs in Etsy.

6. The Gentle Cows

Fairy cows graze tranquilly out in the grassy fields of the farm. They must be enjoying the wonderful sunshine after being cooped up indoors during the winter. And they’ll certainly appreciate gnawing on the green grass instead of the hay! A soft-nosed cow like this one also provides delicious milk to drink. Meet one at Etsy.

7. Bales and Bales of Fresh Hay

Hay is one of the most important byproducts used in farms. Cows and horses eat hay, and hay is also used to line chicken coops and pig pens to keep the animals warm and dry. It can even be used for composting! Lots of farms have many bales of hay ready for the various needs. Get some at Etsy.

8. A Fairy Garden Tractor

Even a fairy farm will need a tractor. While magic can easily move things from one place to another, why use up magic when the tractor can easily pull things for you? It can pull wagons and carts full of the harvested fruits or vegetables, help plow the fields, and more. See one at Etsy.

9. Fairy Farm Windmill

It’s not easy to get conveniences like light and power in a remote farm. And in a fairy farm, a fairy can’t constantly use magic to keep the lights on, or they’ll get tired too! A natural power source like the wind, used on this windmill, can help keep the farm chugging away. See it at Etsy.

10. The Big White Fairy Farmhouse

Where there’s a fairy farm, there’s a fairy farmhouse. This one is big and white, and it looks just as cozy and homey as you’d expect a farmhouse to be. Every day, hard working farm fairies get up at the rooster’s crow and leave the farmhouse to start their day, and tuck in warmly at night afterward. It’s the ideal home for farm fairies hard at work. See it at Etsy.

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