Precious Treasures: Fairy Jewelry to Cast Some Magic into Everyday Life

Sometimes, a little bit of fairy magic is all it takes to make a day brighter and more enjoyable. Fairies are so full of wonder that even humans can derive inspiration from them to make every day more enchanting. Add some precious fairy magic to life by wearing a lovely piece of fairy jewelry. With these stunning accessories that call forth the spellbinding magic of the fluttering fairies, it’s easy to start believing that anything might be possible in this world. See some of these beautiful pieces that will look simply magical with your daily ensembles.

1. The Rainbow Unicorn

Unicorns are rare, precious, and incredibly magical creatures. Their magic is among the strongest in the world, which is why fairies look after them so well. Combine fairy and unicorn magic with this crystal-studded rainbow unicorn pendant that catches the light wherever you go. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Fairy Charm Bracelet

Everything is more magical with friends. This piece of fairy jewelry features several fairies, as well as the moon and stars. It looks like a ring of fairies dancing in the moonlight, under the stars, creating a magical spell that brings untold enchantment everywhere they go. Get the charm bracelet at the Fairy Garden.

3. Elfin Ears Fairy Jewelry

Most elves and some fairies are characterized by their lovely, slender ears that taper to a point. Humans and fairies alike can adorn their ears with these beautiful, point-tipped ear cuffs. Swirling silver vines, leaves and blossoms adorn them, making them appear truly ethereal. Get them at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Crystal Fairy Pendant

Sometimes, fairies imbue a crystal with highly magical properties. This way, the crystal becomes a source of magic in itself. You can bring along your own crystal full of fairy magic with this piece of fairy jewelry. As it catches the sunshine or the moonlight, you’ll always remember that fairies are watching over your garden! Get it at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Moon Fairy

The moon is a big source of magic for fairies. Their enchantments somehow become even stronger under the moonlight. During the waxing and the waning of the moon, fairies dance and play in the moonbeams. You can take some moonlight fairy magic with you with this piece of fairy jewelry you can get at the Fairy Garden.

6. Fairy Wing Earrings

Fairy wings are some of the most beautiful and delicate of all magical things. These lovely earrings are a must-have for fairy lovers. Shining in glitter and iridescence, transparent with green and blue colors, it’s an unmistakable piece of fairy magic you can wear. Get it at Etsy.

7. The Fairy Door Pendant

This piece of fairy jewelry reminds you that if you’re a friend of the fairies, no matter where you go, you’ll always be able to reach them. The tiny doorway symbolizes a doorway or an entryway to the fairy world. Only the most special of fairy friends can even see fairies, let alone enter their world. Get the pendant at Etsy.

8. Fairy Magic in a Pendant

Fairies might use all sorts of magical ingredients to cast their fairy magic. This pendant combines magical elements: earth, symbolized by the magic mushroom, a fire crystal, and a water crystal. Everything a fairy, or a fairy friend, might need to cast some fairy magic to improve the day’s outlook. Get it at Etsy.

9. Fairy Bubbles

Precious, utterly delicate and breathtaking globules of fairy magic are carefully encased in this piece of fairy jewelry. This crystal globe pendant holds a small mass of shimmering, rainbow bubbles deep within them. Each orb is full of untold fairy enchantment. You’ll be mesmerized as you stare longer into it! Get it at Etsy.

10. Make A Wish

It’s the simplest, most innocent form of magic: Make a wish before you blow upon a dandelion, so its fluff can take your wish with the wind. Fairies reach out and catch these dandelion seeds, and help make the wishes come true! You can make your own wish on these dandelion earrings, and hope that a fairy hears it and helps make it come true. Get the earrings at Etsy.

With magic, whether we discover it under a leaf, beneath a fairy cap, or we make it ourselves, anything is possible. Remind yourself every day that fairy magic is everywhere in this world with these beautiful pieces of fairy jewelry!

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