Mesmerizing Mermaids and Undersea Wonders

Warm waters don’t just bring in the seafarers and summer waves at the beaches. The warmer waters of spring and summer bring with them the most beautiful magical creatures of the underwater world: mermaids. Now that the ice has melted and the currents are flowing free, and now that there are wonderfully warm currents in the beaches, mermaids come to play. They’ll wave their beautiful shining tails and head for the bays and lagoons, gathering to play with bubbles, share pearls, and sing the most enchanting songs.

Meet the mermaids who have come from ocean kingdoms far away to meet the fairies in the fairy gardens:

1. The Mermaid and Her Seal

Just like other magical creatures who live over land and in the forests, mermaids might also have familiars with them. This lovely mermaid with her crown of pearly, iridescent purple tail and pink fins, is cuddling a snowy seal pup. Seal pups often come from cold waters far in the North. They must be having a vacation of their own somewhere warm! See her at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Mermaid and the Tropical Turtle

Sea turtles love swimming as a group, and many of them frequent warm tropical waters. Perhaps this mermaid’s family comes from the same place! Her copper colored locks and shiny bright green tail are a sight to behold underwater. She and her turtle friend have come to go exploring, and perhaps share a bit of treasure with fairy friends. See her at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Lady of the Sea and her Guardian Dolphin

Dolphins are very clever creatures; they’re said to be some of the smartest creatures in the ocean. It’s not a surprise that this beautiful blonde, rosy-tailed mermaid has chosen one as her friend. She and her dolphin have the most wonderful undersea adventures together, and they’ve come together to see what the fairy world has in store for them this summer! Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Underwater Reader

Mermaids love to read too! Their books are made of seaweed paper dried under the seaside, and their ink is made of the darkest, thickest squid ink. Oceans are as old as time, and books from there hold so much knowledge. That’s why this mermaid and others like her are such avid readers, with the wisdom of time in their hands. Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Pirate Mermaids

When pirates are far out into the sea, at horizons where they can see no land nearby, they’re likely to encounter the magical mermaids. If the pirates are unkind to them, the mermaids might become offended and keep them lost at sea. But if they are good to mermaids, they will be willing to help. Pirate mermaids like this one swim fearlessly out to these ships, curious about them. Meet this mermaid at Etsy.

When mermaids come to visit, they usually arrive with some unique wonders with them. Here are just some of the incredible things that might show up in a watery lagoon that mermaids frequently visit.

6. Treasure of the Mermaids

This clam shell holds a wealth of wonders. It’s a mermaid’s jewel box and treasure chest. The shell is stuffed with piles of gold coins, ropes of pearls, and even shining precious jewels, which are abundant over the sea floor where humans couldn’t normally reach. Mermaids bring a wealth of treasure like this, especially ones that have been salvaged from ships sunk at sea. See it at the Fairy Garden.

7. The Conch Condo

Mermaids live in creative houses, just as fairies do. One or two of them might live in this beautiful bright pink conch shell fashioned into a home. Like hermit crabs, mermaids seek out beautiful homes from large shells. While others may live in caves or underwater coves, a fancy shell house like this one is certainly going to draw the attention of the neighborhood. See it at the Fairy Garden.

8. A Sandcastle for Mermaids

Some mermaids might also live in sandcastles. Sand is naturally abundant material at the beaches and covers as well as underwater. They use their mermaid magic to keep the sandcastle solid against the buffeting of the waves and currents. What’s more, sand can be shaped to virtually any form. Any mermaid could live in a castle if she wished; it’s quite easy to build! See the castle at the Fairy Garden.

9. The Mermaid Archway

When you visit a lagoon where many mermaids live, you might pass through a splendid arch like this one. Much like human archways, it’s a grand entryway for visitors to swim through underwater. It is made of beautiful blue gray beach rock and covered with colorful corals from the reefs. It’s even draped with emerald green seaweed, much like ivy covers a human archway. See it at Etsy.

10. The Sea Dragon

Here is another friend that a mermaid might bring along; a sea dragon. Like the mermaids themselves, sea dragons have fins and tails where their land-roving counterparts have feet and claws. Like the mermaids, they can also live for a very long time, and are incredibly magical creatures. Often, they accompany the mermaids to help change the tides. See one at Etsy.

Keep a sharp eye out over the white-capped waves lashing onto the shores of the beach. Even more so on nights of the full moon, where the night sky is brightest, guiding sailors and pirates home. This is when mermaids are likely to swim up and play, singing their songs over the water. Who knows; the fairies in your garden might just invite one to come over!

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