It’s a Pirate’s Life: Swashbuckling Pirate Goods for a Fairy Garden

Pirates and pirate goods have made their way to the fairy gardens, and they’ve come to bring a life of swashbuckling daring and adventure! The winter snows have melted, so if you see a Jolly Roger fluttering from a mast over the horizon of warm waters, don’t be surprised! Pirates are the stuff of legends and stories from time immemorial. Life at the high seas is full of breathtaking adventures, mystical encounters, and danger.

When pirates are around, adventure, treasure, and a bit of seafaring magic follows. So why not make a spot for them in the fairy garden, full of pirate goods and everything that they need? Here is an amazing video tutorial that shows you exactly how to make that happen.

This magical video tutorial makes sure that you’ll be building the pirate cove of dreams right within your own fairy garden. These seafaring explorers are the perfect touch of adventure to introduce to the fairies in a garden. Get inspired by the tutorial above and start gathering some amazing pirate goods to add to your own cove in a fairy garden, such as these great items:

1. Pirates’ Anchor

An anchor is among the most important pirate goods you’ll need. After all, you can’t expect the pirates to find a nice dock to tie up in with every mysterious island they’ll eventually stop upon! An anchor helps the ship from being buffeted by the tides as well while it’s waiting for the pirates to return from hunting for treasure. Get this one at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Black Sailed Pirate Ship

Of course, there’s no point in having an anchor without a ship. A pirate ship is clearly demarcated by its splendid colors. This one possesses great black sails to catch the wind, with proper topsails as well. It makes the ship speedy and allows the pirates to sail across oceans at great haste, going from island to island in their adventures. Get the ship at the Fairy Garden.

3. The White Sailed Pirate Ship

Conversely, the pirates might opt to select one with white sails. It becomes a lot harder to suspect that pirates are aboard the ship if their boat looks just like any merchant galley sailing out in the sea. It lets them sneak up to other ships or even lets their ship sit innocently at port, holds bulging with treasure or other pirate goods, without anyone the wiser! Get this one at Amazon.

4. The Ship’s Wheel

Like a car needs a steering wheel, among the pirate goods needed will need a good ship’s wheel that allows the pirates to get fine control over how to direct the ship as needed. If the pirate captain isn’t at the wheel, then the ship’s pilot or designated navigator should be the one driving the ship with it. Following a pirate’s treasure map can be quite complicated; you wouldn’t want to be lost for months at sea! Get the wheel at Etsy.

5. The Pirate’s Crow’s Nest

A crow’s nest atop the main mast of the ship allows the pirates aboard to send up a lookout. The lookout would be able to grab a spyglass and look for other ships or a sighting of land from their vantage point! They will even be able to warn the pirates ahead of time if a big squall is on its way and lets everyone prepare ahead of time. Get the crow’s nest at the Fairy Garden.

6. The Pirates’ Swords

Eventually, sea battles will happen. That’s why a pirate’s sword is among the most essential of pirate goods. When faced with battle, pirates draw their swords and engage in a heart-pounding swordfight over the bridges and decks of ships that have come alongside one another. It’s important to be armed, or someone will snag your treasure! Get the swords at Etsy.

7. The Pirate Cannons

There’s hardly a pirate ship in the world without cannons. These pirate goods are either bought when the ships are built or taken off defeated ships to further arm the pirate ship. Out in the open waters, any ship without a defensive cannonade will be a sitting duck against pirates that do have galleons with strong cannons. They can knock any ship out of the water with them! Get the cannons at Etsy.

8. The Sea Creatures

The lookout, seeing the open water from above, would be the first to yell: Look out below! A sea creature has risen from the depths, stretching out its tentacles over the surface. The creature has grabbed for the pirate ship that has wandered into its territory! But pirates live for this kind of excitement, and they’ll be ready to do battle with the legendary kraken! See the Kraken at Etsy.

9. Treasure Map

After the thrill of the adventure with the sea creature, the pirates move on to their next task: seeking out buried treasure! For that, they’ll need a treasure map, which is a staple among pirate goods. Legendary troves of treasure have been buried by fellow pirates from times long past, and now it’s up to the new pirates to seek them up by following their treasure maps. Get the maps at Etsy.

10. The Barrels of Treasure

Once the pirates make landfall, they’ll find that X marks the spot! They find not just chests of treasure in the island: they’ll find barrels and barrels of them! The treasure is an abundant cache of gold coins, precious gems, jewelry—these pirate goods are worth a fortune! The ship’s hold will be full of these treasure barrels as the pirates sail away back home. See the barrels at Etsy.

Every journey is a thrilling adventure out in the open sea with a pirate cove in a fairy garden. Perhaps a few fairies might want to join in the travels as well! It’s time to meet the pirates, so welcome them in with all these wonderful pirate goods.

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