Precious Easter Cakes and Pastries for a Big Easter Fairy Party

Easter is within a few days, and every fairy garden has started to fill up with delicious Easter cakes and pastries. Fairy bakers and pastry chefs worked extremely hard every day to make sure that there are cakes and treats for everyone who will be celebrating the wonderful time of Easter in the fairy garden. From royal fairies to working fairies, from Easter bunnies to magical creatures: everyone is coming to enjoy the Easter egg hunts and to feast on sweets. So many delicious goodies are laid out on the tables of banquet halls in the fairy kingdoms. Have a look at some of them!

FG apr 19 2019 1-51. Easter Bunny Chocolate Cake

Bunnies are a popular theme among this year’s Easter cakes. This lovely chocolate cake is made of the same rich, magical chocolate that the fairies have carefully processed from the finest cacao seeds. This same magical chocolate is used for the Easter eggs and other bonbons that partygoers will enjoy on the Easter celebrations. See the cake at Etsy.

2. The Easter Bunny Gingerbread House

Pastries are also among the Easter delights of the banquet. This exceedingly intricate Easter bunny gingerbread house is one of them. Carefully crafted by the magical hands of fairy pastry makers, it depicts a colorful house with an egg shaped door, flanked with Easter bunnies and eggs. The roof is covered in white chocolate and sprinkles in all colors of the rainbow. See it at Etsy.

3. Easter Bun-Buns

Now those are Easter bun-nies! Easter bunnies are the shape of these adorable buns, fresh out of the fairy bakers’ ovens. The buns won’t just look adorable: they will be perfect to eat with the main courses of the banquet or consumed with the soup. The whole feast won’t just be sugary sweets, after all! See them at Etsy.

4. Chocolate Bun-Bons

Chocolates like these are no ordinary bonbons. Easter bunnies themselves are the inspiration of the shapes of the treats. Constructed with royal chocolate, these bite-sized treats are a compliment to the cakes and can even be used to top a cake slice! Apparently, they’re tempting to a degree that someone already seems to have taken a bite out of one! See them at Etsy.

5. Easter Bunny Chocolate Biscuits

These lovely Easter bunny biscuits will be among the Easter cakes and pastries being served. They’re not as sweet as the cakes and other sweets, but they are indeed ideal for dipping into coffee, tea, or chocolate. It would be so lovely to have a chat over a couple of cups of hot chocolate while eating these crispy biscuits! Get some at Etsy.

FG apr 19 2019 6-106. Easter Cupcake Train

It’s not just about the Easter cakes; it’s also about Easter cupcakes! An entire train of them will roll through the parties and banquet halls. An enchantment moves the train by itself, and readily comes to the side of any fairy that might beckon to it. This roving train of cupcakes is a sweet and wonderful treat! See it at Etsy.

7. Fairy Bakery’s Best

The bakeries have done their very best this season. The smell of baking bread have filled the kitchens for days, and the masterpieces emerge from the ovens all golden brown and fresh. This set has delicious hot cross buns, Easter egg Danishes, doughnuts, and even loaves. There’s nothing quite like waking up at Easter morning to smell fresh bread! See the set at Etsy.

8. Hidden Chocolate Bunny Cake

Fairies peering at the Easter cakes are in for a surprise: at first glance, the long log sponge cake seems like another masterpiece. Honeyed gold sponge makes this cake, heaped with white icing and covered with candies. But as they lever a slice out of the cake, it reveals the chocolate image of a hopping Easter bunny, which appears in every slice! See it in Etsy.

9. Topsy -Turvy Easter Cake

Not all Easter cakes have to look finely crafted and perfectly created. Three topsy-turvy tiers make up this charming cake, dotted with candy grass and blossoms. Each level is a different color, and a candy Easter bunny peers from between the grass curiously. It’s such a fun cake that features all the colors of springtime. See it at Etsy.

10. The Royal Egg Tower

Finally, the fairies feast their eyes on the centerpiece of the Easter banquet. It’s a star among the Easter cakes: It’s a towering cake that features a white-icing laden base. Pastel-colored Easter eggs swirl up the tower to a peak. Sparkling fairy dust coats this mountain of eggs, making it everlasting and a dazzling sight. Only royalty could deserve such a cake. See it at Etsy.

The sweets, Easter cakes and bakes are ready; all that’s left now is for Easter to come and for the fairies to dig in! Just imagine all the sugary wonders that will emerge from the banquet tables, out of Easter baskets, and even outside of the Easter eggs to be sought after. Easter is going to be a fun and delicious time for all.

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