Coffee and Cake for Two This Easter In the Fairy Garden

Everyone has been so busy in fairy gardens everywhere that there’s hardly been a chance to sit for some refreshments like coffee and cake. Serving up a lovely set like this one, simple but so meaningful, could give a couple of fairies some well-deserved rest time. Being busy as bees in spring may be an admirable trait for hardworking fairies who aim to make spring so beautiful every year. But they shouldn’t forget to stop for a while and enjoy a cup of coffee or even a slice of cake. There might even be a fluffy companion waiting for them at the table!

FG Apr 18 2019 mainThe set is simple but quite colorful. A fairy would have caught sight of such a spread and immediately want to sit down. There’s a drink and a snack or two, and everything has been perfectly laid out.

FG Apr 18 2019 1-41. A Cup of Fairy Coffee

Finding great coffee and cake is not easy for humans, but fairies have magic on their side. The farmers are somehow able to find the best coffee beans for everyone to grind and enjoy for drinks. These cups of coffee for two set out on the table will be a rich and delicious pick-me-up for tired fairies who have been working all day! See it at Etsy.

2. The Yellow Fairy Bunny

A special guest has come to join fairies for the coffee and cake. This yellow bunny has also been hard at work with the rest of the fairies. He has been hiding the Easter eggs, transporting them to and fro, wherever they need to be. The bunny also would like a much-deserved break, so to give him a bit of treat and space at the table will be most welcome. Meet him at Etsy.

3. Magic Chocolates

Fairy chocolates are quite special. As they do with the coffee beans, fairies have the magical ability to seek out the tastiest cocoa beans. The most magical fairy candy makers of the land would work hard to transform it to the richest, sweetest chocolate they could. It’s just perfect for Easter! Perhaps one of the fairies would like to break off a square and toss it into the coffee to make it mocha? See the chocolate with the set at Etsy.

4. The Rose Cake

This splendid cake, intricately designed, was put together by the hardworking fairy bakers of the land. It’s white, decorated with lacy white icing, and heaped with pin k and white icing roses. The cake smells like roses as well! It’s such a wonderful springtime treat to cut out a slice and taste the honey-sweetened sponge within. See it with the set at Etsy.

FG Apr 18 2019 5-75. Easter Eggs

The meal of coffee and cake couldn’t be complete without some Easter eggs! The yellow bunny brought in the Easter eggs as an extra special treat for the fairies who will partake in the meal. Cracked open, they’re full of the most enchanting fairy sweets inside. Perhaps the fairy will also get lucky and get an egg that grants a wish inside! See it with the set at Etsy.

6. The Big Orange Carrot

The bunny that joins the fairies for coffee and cake will thoroughly enjoy the meal of a nice bright carrot. This carrot comes from the fairy farms, which has been carefully supplying all the bunnies in the garden. While some bunnies like to farm their own carrots, ones as tiny as this bunny would have a hard time doing it themselves, and will be glad to receive one from the farmers. See it at Etsy.

7. Easter Placemat

The colors of Easter seem to have burst out all over this lovely coffee and cake set. It’s made even more striking by the vibrant colors of the Easter placemat laid out beneath it. The mat transforms the entire set and makes it brighter and more inviting. The mat has all the colors of the rainbow in it; what fairy would be able to resist? See it with the set at Etsy.

Expecting more fairy visitors for coffee and cake? What’s laid out on the spread may not be enough! Make sure everyone can have a bite and a drink with some additions like these:

FG Apr 18 2019 8-108. The Rainbow Egg Cake

This will be a striking addition to a meal of coffee and cake. It might look like your regular Easter log. Sprinkle-loaded icing covers the chocolate cake, topped with colorful mini eggs. But when a fairy cuts into the cake, a rainbow-colored Easter egg is revealed with every slice! What a magical cake! See it at Etsy.

9. Enchanted Hot Cross Buns

It’s not Easter without hot cross buns! The buns are golden and fluffy, with delicious sugar icing crossed on top. Enchanted with special magic, the buns stay hot throughout the meal. They always taste as though they’ve been freshly baked! The buns taste delicious when paired with the rich coffee cups served. See them at Etsy.

10. Easter Cappuccino

In case the fairies indulging in coffee and cake prefer a sweeter sip, these tiny cups of cappuccino grant their wishes. There’s enough for two more fairies who might join the party. Each cup is filled with the sweet coffee and heaped with swirly whipped cream. They are topped with the tiniest, glittery Easter eggs. See it at Etsy.

It’s good to rest and relax over a cup of coffee and cake. The fairies deserve this bit of rest and all these treats for working so hard as they prepare for Easter!

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