Let it Grow: A Fairy Garden Planting Set

Springtime is a time for growth and growing, and that’s exactly what this planting set is for. There’s no better time to make things sprout, bloom, and grow than springtime. In every fairy garden, fairies are working overtime just to plant even more seeds. They spend a lot of time coaxing blossoms and plants to sprout from the rich earth. Fairies have even sprinkled fairy dust over the sprouts and the saplings so that they grow green and strong. Planting and growing plants is a vital part of every fairy’s life, no matter what their assignment might be. Everyone has to work together to make the forests and gardens, which they call home, beautiful this spring.

In this fairy garden, fairies have neat little boxes of gardening tools and items to help them with their work. This planting set is full of everything a fairy might need to tend their own tiny house garden or to help with growing other things with the rest of the fairies.

FG Apr 11 2019 1-51.  A Sign of Growth

When it’s springtime, fairies go all out in making sure things are growing and blooming. They are the caretakers of the woods, forests, and gardens, so they can’t forget! The planting set comes with a lovely chalkboard sign that reminds all the fairies of this every day, from the moment they get up. It’s important that everyone does their part. See the sign with the set at Etsy.

2. A Fairy’s Gardening Fork and Spade

Tiny hands need tiny tools. The planting set comes with a small spade and a garden fork. These tools allow the fairies to dig and rake up the soil a lot easier. Even though they have magic, using full sized tools may be a little cumbersome. With these little tools, the fairies can enjoy the scent of freshly turned earth as they plant away. See them with the set at Etsy.

3. Packets Full of Seeds

The planting set that every fairy owns usually is stocked with all kinds of good seeds! Seeds are the very source of forest life. From a seed tinier than a fairy, a massive tree may grow. A beautiful flowering vine might sprout. That’s why each fairy has a number of seed packets. They range from plants that can be harvested for food to blossoms that bring fragrance into the air. See them with the set at Etsy.

4. Blush Tulips

The planting set usually has a pot or two. The pots have either soil or loose stone in them. It depends on the kind of plant a fairy wants to grow. But often they come with one plant already grown, like these blush pink tulips. The plant reminds every fairy that this is the goal of all the planting that they do. Things may start out small, but they grow beautifully. See it with the set at Etsy.

5. Easter Eggs

It’s spring, and that means Easter. Easter eggs have been included in the planting set so that the fairies can also enjoy hiding them! They can nestle them behind bushes, old stumps, inside the knots of trees, under a bushy branch, or anywhere that they might come across as they do their planting. In case they get a bit hungry, no one would mind a nibble on a candy egg or two either! See them with the set at Etsy.

Of course, the planting set is just the beginning. Once a fairy has become confident in their magic and becomes eager to grow more plants, they can add more things to their collection! Have a look at some of them.

FG Apr 11 2019 6-106. Complete Fairy Gardening Tools

For complete garden maintenance, a planting set must have more than just a fork or a spade. This supplementary set of planting tools will be of immense help to fairies. It comes with another spade, a hoe, a fork, a saw, and more. With this arsenal of excellent tools, the fairies will be able to do any sort of garden work they will need to. See this at Etsy.

7. Crimson Watering Can

Plants need plenty of water. Springtime showers won’t be enough, so fairies have to help them along. A lovely little watering can like this one will help the fairies make sure that the plants are getting plenty of water. A watering can in a planting set will be even more useful in the summertime, because plants will be especially thirsty. Get the can at Etsy.

8. Garden Urn Planter

The sprouts being grown in the garden will soon outgrow the tiny pots in the planting set. It’s good to have larger planters like this big urn to transfer them in. As the sprouts get bigger, the roots reach out further into the soil and they will need a lot more room. This planted can provide the space as well as look quite lovely as a décor in the garden. See it at Etsy.

9. A Fairy Wheelbarrow

All those tools in the planting set, along with the pots, fertilizer, and soil, will be quite difficult to carry! There’s only so much that a fairy can carry at one time. A nice sturdy wooden wheelbarrow like this one can easily help them transport the items that they need to and fro. It’s also a good place to keep the gardening tools in, so that they can be wheeled about anywhere. Get it at Etsy.

10. Wooden Bucket Planters

These handy bucket planters are also great for transferring the plants from the planting set. The buckets will give the new shoots enough room to grow in. In addition, their little rope handles will make thing a whole lot easier for fairies to carry them around. This way, they can move the pretty planters around the garden without much trouble. Get them at Etsy.

The sound of a clinking planting set, the smell of freshly dug up earth, and the petrichor after a springtime shower will be everywhere in fairy gardens around the world. Every fairy will be busy making things bloom. It’ll be exciting to see what shoots up from the ground after their magical efforts!

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