Easter Brunch With the White Bunny

So many wonderful Easter animals are arriving to the fairy garden, so it’s no surprise that some fairies would invite one to an Easter brunch. This special Easter brunch features an adorable little white magic bunny. He’s one of the many that have arrived with the numerous other Easter bunnies that have been made themselves at home in the fairy gardens to not just prepare for Easter, but also to help usher in spring.

Whether they are spreading magic to grow spring or helping fairies hide some lovely Easter eggs, all the bunnies have quite a lot to do. It’s a nice way to help them enjoy their time at the garden and take a break.

FG Apr 1 2019 feature 1This white bunny has been invited to a lovely Easter brunch. It’s been laid out with many wonderful comforts and delights for anyone to enjoy. Fairies and Easter bunnies alike will enjoy such treats!

FG Apr 1 2019 1-51. The White Bunny

There have been a number of bunnies that have arrived into the Fairy Garden. This white bunny at the Easter brunch is one of the smaller kinds, often tasked with keeping a close eye on the eggs. These magical fairy bunnies give out a sweet, tender fairy magic onto Easter eggs. They imbue the eggs with a great deal of love and hope this spring. See him with the kit at Etsy.

2. Eggs and Oranges

Of course, the Easter eggs that the bunny is looking after can’t be far away from it. Even during Easter brunch, the bunny is carefully looking after these special eggs. The bunny and the eggs sit on a nice ceramic tray where they can be comfortable. Nearby is a freshly cut half of an orange as a special treat for the bunny to enjoy while looking after the eggs. See it with the scene in Etsy.

3. Bright Blossoms of Spring

No Easter brunch is complete without an appreciation of the wonderful springtime atmosphere. It comes in the form of this beautiful pot of pansies, deep pink in color. They are freshly picked out of the fairy gardens, fragrant with a sweet scent. The flowers are a wonderful addition to the overall lightness of spring all around this brunch scene. See it in Etsy.

4. Silvery Fork

Whether it’s to enjoy some marshmallow Easter eggs or take a bite out of the sweet Easter brunch repast that has been laid out, a fairy or a bunny will need something to eat with. There is an extra special silver fork waiting on the table. It’s a piece of cutlery from the fairies’ magical treasury. Easter is a special occasion, after all. See it in Etsy.

5. Sweet Waffles and Berries

For this Easter brunch, the meal is of delicious, sweet, crisp waffles. Laden with the fairies’ extra special maple syrup fresh from the maple trees, no fairy or bunny will be able to resist such a meal. The waffles are served with an assortment of the freshest berries, plump and bursting with sweetness, as though they are also celebrating spring. See the meal at Etsy.

FG Apr 1 2019 6-86. The Fairy Post

Even fairies and Easter bunnies like to enjoy something to read while having brunch. For fairies, with everything so busy this season, they would want to keep updated on everything going on. A carefully tied bundle of newspapers, the Fairy Post for the week, will let them know what everyone is up to as they enjoy the Easter brunch. See it with the set in Etsy.

7. Flowery Cup and Saucer

What’s Easter brunch without a delicious cup of coffee or a fresh cup of tea? Alongside the meal is a beautiful ceramic cup and saucer. The cup has been elegantly decorated in a floral pattern to match the flowers of springtime. The cup and saucer are sitting ready to be filled with some floral tea, some rich coffee, or even hot chocolate, if that’s what the drinker prefers. See it in the set at Etsy.

8. Bright Easter Placemat

Tying together the lovely theme of springtime and Easter for this Easter brunch is a wonderfully colorful placemat. It’s bright blue as the sky and covered with a pattern of Easter eggs in all colors of the rainbow. It’s set beneath all the lovely goodies for this brunch, making everything feel that much more homey and welcoming. See it with the set at Etsy.

With such an inviting Easter brunch laid out, both a fairy and the white bunny can enjoy some delicious treats and relax for a while. Easter will be very busy, and springtime errands will make it busier still. It’s a good idea to sit back and relax for a little while, enjoying a meal with a magical little friend.

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