Easter Bunnies Have Come for Spring

With spring’s arrival come the Easter bunnies. They’ve moved into the fairy gardens for spring, and they’re here to help the fairies make Easter one of the most magical celebrations of the year. Meet the bunnies that have arrived to bring in the magic and life of Easter.

FG March 29 2019 bunnies 1This brother and sister Easter bunnies have come ready and prepared to bring in the lovely Easter eggs to be hidden around the garden for everyone to seek out. They’ve moved into a lovely home of moss.

FG March 29 2019 BUNNIES 1 1-41. Big Brother Bunny

The boy bunny, dressed in quaint little brown overalls and a crisp white shirt, is already helping hand out the Easter eggs. He is fully prepared to work hard and help both fairies and Easter bunnies of the garden make sure that this Easter is a memorable one. See him at Etsy.

2. Big Sister Bunny

The girl bunny, with her curling brown ears, neat little waistcoat and flouncy white skirt, is holding a basket full of colored eggs. She had made sure that the different Easter eggs were nicely colored and full of good things to share. Meet her at Etsy.

3. The Moss Home

These Easter bunnies are living in the most beautiful little dark brown cabin. The roof has been carefully thatched with rich green moss. It has a pretty little door and everything in it looks nice and cozy. The brother and sister have helped build this home themselves! See it at Etsy.

4. The Little White Bunny

With them is a smaller, magical little white Easter bunny, surrounded by pumpkins and Easter eggs. These colorful pumpkins are leftovers from Fall. Their colors come from the fairy magic in them. The white bunny will use this special magic to help hide the Easter eggs in his care. See them at Etsy.

FG March 29 2019 BUNNIES 2These farm bunnies have come to be helpful Easter bunnies this year! On regular days they work very hard in their farm, but during Easter season, they’re here to lend their magic.

FG March 29 2019 BUNNIES 2 5-85. The Dutiful Farming Girl Bunny

She came with her pretty blue dress, straw hat, and pink apron to bring a gift to the fairies! Unlike most Easter bunnies, she has also brought a giant carrot with her to share. After all, after working so hard, everyone can use a good meal! Meet her in the kit at Etsy.

6. The Gentle Boy Bunny

Following his sister and the other Easter bunnies to the fairy garden, he’s also brought a carrot to share, along with a handful of pretty flowers. Like other farm bunnies, he has a generous heart. He and his sister have brought many gifts to share. See him in the kit at Etsy.

7. The Moss and Flowered House

Flowers are abundant in the lands where these two Easter bunnies are from. It’s not a surprise that the little moss house that they’ve built is covered with them as well. Full of white and blue blossoms, their green house will blend well with the meadows of spring. See it at Etsy.

8. The White Bunny and the Flowers

Like the other bunnies, these Easter bunnies are accompanied by a smaller, magical white bunny, who has a hoard of magic pumpkins and colorful Easter eggs. With these enchanted items, imbued with the magic of fairyland, they’ll make the eggs well-hidden for Easter. See them at Etsy.

FG March 29 2019 bunnies 3Finally, we meet the little Easter bunny with his watering can. He knows he has more than just eggs to hide this spring. He has to do his part in helping the flowers grow.

FG March 29 2019 bunnies 3 9-119. The Watering Can Bunny

Like most Easter bunnies, this smart little bunny has come to the fairy garden in his best wear. He’s donned a crisp green shirt with a nice pair of yellow overalls, and he’s crowned with a speckled straw hat. He has his little grey watering can in his hands, ready to help plants grow. Meet him at Etsy.

10. The Flowery Home

Just like the many Easter bunnies that have arrived, he has a moss home with him. The home is green and covered in blue and white bunches of blossoms from the roof to the door. It’s just the right size for him to live in too! See it at Etsy.

11. The White Bunnies

This bunny has not one but two tiny white magical bunnies for company! One of them will be caring for his home. Meanwhile, the other one will look after the magical fairy pumpkins and the colorful Easter eggs to be hidden this spring. See them at Etsy.

All these bunnies have moved into the fairy gardens and more will be on their way this Easter!

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