Cotton-Tales: Meet the Fairy Garden Bunnies!

Springtime is blossoming out into the world. It’s only two days to go before spring has officially arrived. All around the fairy kingdoms and fairy gardens, a fairies and animals have begun the preparations to greet it as best as they can. Everyone, from the fairies to the bunnies, has started to come awake and do their spring cleanup. There are supplies to be gathered, food to be replenished after the winter stocks, and errands to be made. There are many bunnies that are hard at work, peering from their burrows, and doing their very best to help welcome in spring, so let’s meet the bunnies that might be spotted in a fairy garden!

FG March 18 2019 1-51. The Smart Little Bunny

It’s a new season, after all! Things aren’t so cold anymore, so everyone is brushing out their neat little springtime clothes to wear. Meet this charming little bunny. He’s gone the whole nine yards in getting dressed to greet spring. He has a neat blue little jacket, a smart bow tie, with clean paws, and raised ears. He’s ready to greet the green sprouts! Meet him at Etsy.

2. Gardening Bunny

One of the most important things in springtime preparations is to clean up the gardens. It’s time to get back to gardening. It means gathering up new food for everyone (winter stocks have gone, after all). This mother bunny has pulled on her coat and hat. She’s heading off into the farm gardens to start checking for sprouts, wild root crop to pull, and other food for spring. Meet her at Etsy.

3. The Trio of Pretty Bunnies

These three bunnies have pulled on some lovely capes and coats in yellow, pink, and blue. They’re bearing baskets and preparing to do some spring cleanup. Standing in the gardens, they’ll be checking on the health of the sprouts, pulling away weeds, and more. It’s up to everyone to make sure the gardens are growing well, after all! Meet them at Etsy.

4. The Happy Harvesting Rabbits

These two bunnies may be nibbling off more than they can chew! They’re being quite helpful, but being so tiny, it can be a little difficult to pull out the carrots from the ground! Still, never let a small size get in the way of big things. Fairies are tiny, after all, but they can do such magical feats! So these little bunnies continue to help with gathering spring crops. Meet them at Etsy.

5. Mrs. Bunny on a Springtime Visit

Mrs. Bunny may in fact be the mother of the little bunnies earlier. Whatever the case, she’s also busily tidying up the garden. She’s got her little basket with her to help gather up weeds to remove or dead branches to clear. She’ll be helping gather up some springtime food and even help in replanting some crops. Meet Mrs. Bunny at Etsy.

FG March 18 2019 6-106. Baby Bunnies and a Baby Carrot

Team work makes the dream work! These two bunnies are quite tiny as well, but they won’t give up! They’re going to bring this magic carrot home for everyone to enjoy this spring. Fairies grow such wonderful crops for everyone that these bunnies just can’t wait to bring one of them home for some carrot cubes cooked by their mother bunny. See them at Etsy.

7. Roly-Poly Bunnies and a Cabbage

These three bunnies have an even harder errand to run: they’re working hard to roll a nice big magical head of cabbage back home. Wouldn’t a bowl of mother bunny’s cabbage soup just be the best after a long day of working hard at the gardens? They’re all working together to roll this big head of fairy cabbage home for everyone to enjoy. See them at Etsy.

8. Bunny on a Boat

Of course, there’s more than just gardening to do for the bunnies of the fairy garden. It’s time to wake up from the burrows and go visiting. It’s time to do the neighborly thing and check on everybody this springtime. This bunny is on a leaf boat, rowing over a pond, trying to get to the burrows at the other end of the garden. He’ll be visiting to make sure everyone is awake and getting ready for spring! Meet him at Amazon.

9. A Baby Bunny and a Baby Fairy

But then again, there may be a bit of rousing to do. There are still plenty of sleepy heads that haven’t awoken from hibernation or winter slumber. Dutiful bunnies are being helpful by waking the sleepy critters and sleepy fairies in the garden. This is no time to be sleeping, after all, as there’s too much to do before spring is officially here! Meet them at Etsy.

10. The Reading Bunny

 And after all that hard work, wouldn’t it just be wonderful to sit down and rest? This bunny is enjoying the springtime sun. He’s sitting on a stump and getting some rest after doing his errands and spring cleanup. What could he be reading? Perhaps a book of new fairy stories to enjoy? Whatever it is, it’s surely a sign that spring is coming. Meet him at Amazon.

Get ready for spring by making sure everything is cleaned up and that the gardens are tended, just like the bunnies are doing. And once the weeds and dead wood are cleared away, such a beautiful explosion of greenery and blossoms will follow in any garden. You might just glimpse a few bunnies enjoying themselves out there too!

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