Roll Out The Rainbow Fairy Items for St. Patrick’s Day!

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, you think of one color: green. But why settle for one color when you can have seven? One of the surprisingly overlooked options for St. Patrick’s Day is the beautiful rainbow. Why not bring in this magical, enchanting bow of brilliant colors into a fairy garden for St. Patrick’s Day, bridging the magical worlds together? After all, our leprechaun friends travel over the rainbow, and so do the Irish Fae that also lives on the Emerald Isle with them. And as many legends say, at the end of the rainbow rests a Leprechaun’s treasure: a pot of gold!

A rainbow is one of the best ways to welcome a Leprechaun or Fae friend into the fairy garden for St. Patrick’s Day. Show them the way with these St. Patrick’s Day rainbow items!

FG March 15 2019 1-51. The Sleeping Baby Leprechaun

Shhhh, a baby leprechaun is asleep! But perhaps he should be carefully awoken from his slumber? It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, after all! He can continue on with his forty winks when settled safely in the fairy garden, using his favorite rainbow as a pillow. He might just wake up in time for a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the garden! Meet him at Etsy.

2. The Rainbow and the Pot of Gold

An arcing, brilliant rainbow like this one is a St. Patrick’s Day wonder. At one end are fluffy clouds, and at the other is the treasure of a leprechaun. The old friend must have left his hat too, as it’s resting just by the pot! Best bring over the magic rainbow, pot of gold, and the hat into the fairy garden for him to find again. He’d surely appreciate it! Get it at Etsy.

3. A Magical Invitation

Meet me at the Rainbow Bridge, says this beautiful little sign, in all colors of the rainbow. Place this wonderful sign at the edge of the garden and beckon to the fairies, Irish Fae, and leprechauns who may be passing by. They may want to join in and take part in the St. Patrick’s Day celebration, so make sure they know that they’re welcome! Get the sign at Etsy.

4. The Rainbow Bridge

This charming little bridge is precisely what it is: a rainbow bridge. Each plank is a different color, ready to be placed at the edge of a little pond or over a little hill. Maybe a pot of gold can be left at the foot of the bridge in one end? Perhaps it could be adorned with shamrocks, clovers, and horseshoes? Whatever it is, this magical bridge leads to happiness this St. Patrick’s Day. Get it at Etsy.

5. The Rainbow Door

If the bridge leads to happiness, just imagine what enchanting wonders a rainbow doorway like this one leads to! It has a curl of green, showing that a leprechaun might live inside, and a tiny heart shaped peep hole for tiny beings to peek through. St. Patrick’s Day preparations must be afoot inside where this doorway leads. Get it at Etsy.

FG March 15 2019 6-106. Leprechaun’s Doorway

This doorway is a little less subtle: a leprechaun certainly lives here. He has painted the magical rainbow upon the wooden door. And what should be waiting at the doorway? A pot of gold! If a visitor is polite, they’ll open the door, making this rainbow one that leads to a leprechaun party fit for the big green day of the year. Get it at Etsy.

7. The Happy Leprechaun

There will be leprechauns everywhere at the party, throwing gold coins, dancing an Irish jig, toasting in celebration, and playing mischievous tricks on each other. They’ll even be casting rainbow magic here and there as they toss the gold and cheer on the big day. There’s so much joy to be had in a leprechaun party! Meet this leprechaun at Etsy.

8. The Leprechaun King

This jolly man should be the one to meet at a Leprechaun’s party, and he looks so smart with this bright red waistcoat. He is grandly dressed in an emerald green coat with gilded collars and golden buttons. His beard is fluffy as can be and his black buckled shoes are at a high shine. Though he’s crowned with a green top hat like this others, this good man can be none other but a Leprechaun King. He’s come to extend his greetings, offer a gift of a pot of gold and shine a rainbow on the festivities. Meet him at Amazon.

9. The Night’s Rainbow

If the twilight should fall, don’t worry about not seeing any more rainbows for the day. This one is a rainbow that glows well into the darkness. It’s a shining, brilliantly colored lantern that makes sure that every fairy or leprechaun will find the fairy garden. They may have lost their way flying over from such great distances, after all! Get the rainbow at Amazon.

10. The Leprechaun King’s Throne

After meeting the Leprechaun King, there’s a chance to lay eyes on his throne. It is green as the forests and hillsides of the Emerald Isle. The throne is heavily gilded in the fine gold that leprechauns love so much. It’s bright and shining like the sunshine in the isle. The King’s gold is nearby, scattered all around it. And it sits atop a glorious rainbow dais. It’s a place of honor for a magical king. Get it at Etsy.

With all these incredibly enchanted rainbows, there’ll be no shortage of color and magic to a fairy garden this St. Patrick’s Day.

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