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Wee Treats and Delights to Eat at the Fairy Garden for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching with all the swiftness of a forming rainbow after the rain. It’s a burst of green, gold, and rainbow colors after a long, cold winter, preparing to usher in the most brilliant springtime of flowers and good fortune.

This also means that magical friends, the Leprechauns and Irish Fae, are arriving with swift wings and magical carriages to join the fairies here for a huge St. Patrick’s Day celebration! In all the stories and lore about Leprechauns and Fae, it is of utmost importance that they are welcomed generously. This is often done with sweets and delicious food.

Lay out some of the most scrumptious delights for the leprechauns this St. Patrick’s Day through three beautiful fairy garden scenes!

FG March 14 2019 st patrick's day food set 1Take a look at this wonderful scene. Sitting atop an emerald bench are two cups of fresh Irish coffee with a heap of sweet Irish cream. There’s enough drink and treats here for two leprechauns or fae to enjoy! You can find this set in Etsy. Let’s take a closer look:

FG March 14 2019 st patrick's day food set 1 1-41. The Emerald Top Hat

The fairies will want to look their best for St. Patrick’s Day, so they’ll want to get into the spirit by donning a big green top hat! Just like their leprechaun friends’, the top hat has a golden buckle on it. It would fit a tall fairy, or be adorably oversized on a small one. Nevertheless, it’s just the thing to wear for the celebratory meal. The hat comes with the set at Etsy.

2. The Lucky Cookies

Don’t forget the cookies! Leprechauns are quite fond of sweets. Why not offer them a St. Patrick’s Day chocolate cookie, iced with a bright green shamrock. Next to them are green cookies, stuffed with fresh raspberry jam. It’ll taste just like the fresh berries from the green forests of the Emerald Isle where leprechauns have made their homes. Get the cookies with the set at Etsy.

3. Irish Coffee and Cream

After such a long journey to come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day here, leprechaun friends deserve a good treat: a strong cup of Irish coffee. They’re poured into beautiful ceramic cups adorned with shamrocks. Each one is topped by a generous dollop of sweet Irish cream and even a cherry on top. They’ll be wonderfully warm and sweet to drink! Two cups come with the set at Etsy.

4. Emerald Bench

This emerald green bench, with a plaid shamrock placemat on top, is a good place to settle down at. It’s a small nook in the forest where a fairy could sit and snack on a treat with an old friend on St. Patrick’s Day. They can swap stories and adventures of magic and wonder, of the on goings in their respective magical kingdoms. The bench comes with the set at Etsy.

FG March 14 2019 st patrick's day food set 2Perhaps something a little bit sweeter is in order? This set also has the emerald top hat, but it’s got a nice, citrusy surprise treat for a leprechaun with a sweet tooth. Surely it’s a delicious St. Patrick’s Day delight too hard to resist.

FG March 14 2019 st patrick's day food set 2 5-75. The Orange Cream Sweet

Is it ice cream, is it an orange sorbet? Whatever this supremely magical treat is, it could only have been made by the magic of fairies! This St. Patrick’s Day sweet features a whipped dollop, topped with a slice of orange. A slice of lime rests nearby for some extra tartness. It will definitely tickle the taste buds of sweet-loving leprechauns! Get it with the set at Etsy.

6. A Royal Spoon

If gold is to a leprechaun’s liking, they will certainly want to eat with this golden spoon. Just picture it: scooping out great big spoonfuls of the delicious citrusy sweet treat while using such a precious spoon! And with leprechauns so fond of gold things, some gold nuggets are scattered nearby for them to take as gifts with the meal. Get them with the set at Etsy.

7. Shamrock Mats and Dots

A place setting for such an important magical friend this St. Patrick’s Day needs to be laid out properly. Lay some emerald-colored placemats beneath the meal. One of them is of brilliant green floral patterns, reminiscent of the dappled sunshine in the forests of the Emerald Isle. The other is perfectly playful, white in color and covered in green dots. Both come with the set at Etsy.

FG March 14 2019 st patrick's day food set 3Sprinkle some good fortune onto the celebratory St. Patrick’s Day treat with this scene. It’s a drink and a snack, and all of it is covered with shamrocks and clovers. Good fortune comes to those who are kind to leprechauns, making this the ideal treat for the day!

FG March 14 2019 st patrick's day food set 3 8-108. Shamrock Cookies and Candies

On top of the clover-shaped porcelain plate is a delicious treat: a chocolate cookie with a frosted shamrock! It also comes with a couple of tart, apple green and white boiled sweets. A leprechaun friend with a sweet tooth will appreciate this St. Patrick’s Day treat! The cookie comes with the set found at Etsy.

9. Magical Coffee and Whip

A strong coffee will balance out the sweetness of the treats. Serve a leprechaun a strong, freshly brewed cup, heaped with magical cream and some sharmrock fairy dust. They might just reward whoever gave them this drink with some extremely good fortune! The cup of coffee and cream comes with this set at Etsy.

10. Nuggets of Gold

Finally, sprinkle some magic to the snack with shamrock-shaped fairy dust. Made with the combined powers of a leprechaun and a fairy, it gives joy and luck to whoever is sprinkled with it. Some nuggets of gold, as leprechauns are so fond of gold, will be much appreciated as gifts for the visitors! Get the nuggets with the set at Etsy.

With such wonderful meals and St. Patrick’s Day treats laid out, every single leprechaun visiting will feel so generously received! This is one surefire way to celebrate a truly enchanting St. Patrick’s Day, full of magic, friends, and a lot of good luck.

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