Fairies of Luck: St. Patrick’s Day-Themed Fairy Garden Furnishings

At the approach of St. Patrick’s Day, all the fairies are preparing to celebrate. Everything seems so much greener,  so much brighter, and so much more magical. This is especially important to note as their Irish friends, the leprechauns, will be coming for a visit. Ireland is one of the most magical islands in the world. It’s called the Emerald Isle for the natural beauty that it has, making you catch your breath. Ireland is replete with magic and enchantment, full of fairies, elves, leprechauns and more. And so a celebration like this one, St. Patrick’s Day, can also be seen as a day of magical events.

Having such magical being as leprechauns, with their powerful magic to grant wishes and give riches, is a big event. Leprechauns bring rainbows and pots of gold, and they have their own code of rules. Make sure that they feel welcome, and they’re sure to appreciate it! They will reward their friends and allies, especially fellow fairies, so make them feel welcome with these St. Patrick’s Day features.

FG Mar 11 2019 1-51. The Fabulous St. Patrick’s Day Fabric Collection

This batch of beautiful green fabrics is perfect for place setting and decorations on the big day! They’re green and white in varying bright patterns, and just the right size for a fairy table being set out to welcome their leprechaun friends. One of them even has brilliant gold threads sewn right in, and is sure to bring joy to gold-loving friends. Get it at Etsy.

2. Clover Leaf Hats

The luckiest of lucky charms, they say, are the four leaf clovers. Leprechauns are especially fond of these clovers, as they’re incredibly lucky charms. Nevertheless, four leaf clovers can be so rare. There will be a lot of luck to come to the lucky finder of one! Present these hats to leprechaun and they’re sure to reveal just how lucky the clover finders are. Get them at Etsy.

3. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Sign

Make sure the fairies and leprechauns coming for St. Patrick’s Day know where to go through this adorable celebratory sign. It’s a carved wooden post that can sit at the edge of a garden. At its feet rest a beautiful green top hat with a shamrock on it, as well as a heaping pot full of gold. This might be the joyful bottom of the rainbow! Get it at Etsy.

4. The Irish Fairy

Along with leprechauns, Ireland has a vast population of fairies. As it’s an enchanted place, it’s only natural that so many fairies live there, in gardens, in rings, in the woods, and in the waters. The fae, as they are called there, are very much a part of everyday life. Make it feel more like home for leprechauns this St. Patrick’s Day by introducing them to an Irish fairy, holding a magical ball, waiting to welcome them to the garden. Get her at Etsy.

5. The Rainbow and the Pot of Gold

One of the most famous legends about leprechauns is that when one sees a glorious rainbow arcing through the sky, a pot of gold is waiting at the end of it. Welcome magical friends this St. Patrick’s Day with a glorious rainbow and a pot of gold at the end of it. It’ll be such a lovely sight to see them gathering around it to talk about magic and gold! Get it at Etsy.

FG Mar 11 2019 6-106. Dark Chocolate Shamrock Cake

Who knows what delectable magic went into a cake like this one? For St. Patrick’s Day, offer fairy friends and leprechauns alike this beautiful shamrock cake. It has an icing clover on top and a solid dark chocolate fondant around it. But when you cut inside, a surprise is waiting! It has layers of green icing and magical green jam. It must taste absolutely magical! Get it at Etsy.

7. The Clover Gate

All the luck seems to pass through this gate. Especially set up for St. Patrick’s Day, it has numerous lucky charms.  The wooden gate has a golden horseshoe on it; it’s a famous charm for good luck. The three-leaf clover, or shamrock, is on the horseshoe. It’s a symbol of the leprechauns. And finally, the fences next to it are decked with four leaf clovers. Get it at Etsy.

8. Irish Coffee and Clover Cookies

Another taste of home (perhaps to go with the delicious cake?) that can be served for St. Patrick’s Day is a good cup of strong Irish coffee. It’s offset by a big dollop of delicious cream. Next to it sits a plate that’s simply heaped with clover-shaped green cookies, fresh out of the ovens of the best fairy chefs in the kingdom. It’s perfect to snack on while everyone has a chat with a good, magical friend! Get them at Etsy.

9. A Bottle of Luck

With leprechaun friends comes a lot of luck magic. Everyone could use a little good luck on their side, after all! This little bottle of bottled luck is the ideal gift to fairies and leprechauns alike. It’s magical fairydust, glistening and glittering within. It’s been mixed with the strong magical luck of leprechauns. Sprinkle these sparkling clovers and get a little good fortune! Get it at Etsy.

10. The St. Patrick’s Day Unicorn

Magical creatures don’t get much more striking than this: a beautiful unicorn is resting within the fairy garden. It’s covered in emerald green hair, and has a made as golden as leprechaun’s pots of gold. This beautiful unicorn is certainly exceedingly rare, and full of potent magical luck. She’d be the most perfect guest to invite along with the other lucky guests. Meet her at Etsy.

Bring in all the luck and the magic this St. Patrick’s Day. Prepare for plenty of rainbows and shamrocks, for green and gold, and many more magical friends to meet every single day!

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