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Spring Break Fairy Garden Ideas

As seasons change, so will your fairy garden! The beauty of having a fairy garden is that you get to design and decorate however you want to, whenever you want to. You can use your imagination or read through design magazines to find inspiration for your next project. In today’s blog, we’re here to talk about all the wonderful scenes you can design yourself and suggest some kits and ready-made pieces that you might want to add to your very own fairy garden.

The Season of Spring

Spring marks a new beginning in most cultures, with plants beginning to grow and flowers blooming with their most vibrant colors. During spring, everything feels fresh and new, and fairies will love to come out and play in the garden. For kids who go to school, this season also marks spring break, during which trips to the beach, mountainside, or countryside are frequent. To give you some ideas on spring break fairy garden accessories, we’ve listed down some especially curated items for you.

The Season of Spring

1. A Blooming Garden

To prepare your fairy garden for spring, you can adorn it with pretty miniature picket fences and miniature flowers. This will surely entice your winged friends to come out and play. This delightful set from Clever Home features a picket fence with blooms, as well as a sign that reads “Fairies Welcome,” to make sure they’ll enjoy their stay in your fairy garden. It also features two dainty fairies that are ready to frolick under the spring sunshine. Available at Amazon for $21.99.

2. Home Sweet Home for the Fairy and the Gnome

For those who are starting out their fairy gardens, it’s advised to purchase kits to make it easier to decorate your garden with accessories. Kits often come with several pieces, including fairies, pathways, signs, furniture, and sometimes even a fairy house! This La Jolie Muse piece includes all of those and is cleverly designed to blend well with any garden. Get it at Amazon for $28.00.

3. Hop on the Train

Springtime is also a time to do some traveling and soul-searching. The weather is perfect for going places because it’s not too hot and not too cold. Your fairy friends are also taking advantage of this perfect weather to go places, just like in this Joykick fairy garden kit. This 15-inch long fairy train set features a fairy locomotive, two flower carriage, a train driver named Alvin and two fairies named Aria, who is armed with binoculars, and Evelyn, who is enjoying the sights and waving at passersby. Available at Amazon for $22.90.

4. Sitting by the Pond

During spring, fairy friends and animals love to come out and play. That’s why you’ll often find your fairy friends alongside streams, ponds, and other bodies of water, catching up with their buddies who live underwater. This amazing set from Joykick lets you recreate those scenes with its mystical fish pond, fairytale log bridge, water fairy Willow and Lilly, the fairy with a bunny. This set goes for $29.90 on Amazon.

5. Butterfly Garden

To add a finishing touch to your lovely fairy garden, we have these gorgeous LeBeila butterfly stakes that you can easily stick on the soil anywhere in your garden! These are PVC waterproof butterflies that are great decors for gardens, potted flowers, and lawns. Easily create the illusion of a magical garden filled with butterflies with these decors that are sure to amuse. You can even adjust the wings by pushing them open or shut to make your display even more realistic. What a treat! Get it on Amazon for $6.49.

Enjoy the spring season with these delightful picks curated for you and don’t forget to follow our blog for more ideas on how to make the perfect magical fairy garden.


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