Magical Fairy Garden Doors

In the world of make-believe, fairy gardens are filled with magical creatures—fairies, gnomes, dragons, and animals that can talk. As a fairy garden lover, you know that this is a haven for the fantastic, enchanting creatures that we could only dream of. That’s why we invest our time and money to maintain a garden filled with gorgeous blooms and accessories that are sure to bring joy and light to any guest. In today’s blog, we’re counting down the most enchanting, magical fairy garden doors you can find to adorn your fairy garden.

A Doorway to Another World

Doorways often signify a portal to another dimension. It’s a key to unlocking something new and beyond your imagination. You can add some enchantment to your little fairy haven by adding magical fairy garden doors among your accessories. Here we have the 10 most magical fairy garden doors we can find that won’t hurt your pocket. Check them out below and find one to inspire your next fairy garden makeover.

Magical Fairy Garden Doors


1. The Little Hedgerow Little Red Door

Handmade with great care, this little red door from The Little Hedgerow is crafted from different types of wood and designed to capture one’s imagination. It features a bright red color and a cute keyhole under a glass doorknob. Get it on Etsy for $19.50.

2. Fairies of Tranquility Green Fairy Door with Bird’s Nest

This beautiful willow green fairy door features a sweet little bird’s nest, giving it a nice, homey feel. It also has some cute mushrooms, books, a jar of fairy dust, and a map for your adventurous fairy friends. Two dainty ladybugs guard the magical gate. Available at Etsy for $29.49.

3. Miniatur Expressions Cobblestone Blue Fairy Door

Yearning for a more classic look? This resin fairy door features a cobblestone arch over a wooden door. It features some mushrooms and a lantern to light your fairy friend’s way. Get it on Etsy for $11.99.

4. Fairy Behind the Door Oblietta Door

This unique fairy door is left handed! This awesome creation from Fairy Behind the Door features a distressed wood in a deep red hue, with a black outline that matches the step. this set includes the fairy door, the Shylishall window, two mushrooms on stakes, large rose flower pot, log with mushrooms, large red tub, four wooden designed concrete pavers, and a welcome sign. Starts at $38.50 on Etsy.

5. Bearpawrustics Large Wood Fairy door with Porch

This gorgeous fairy door isn’t just another wooden door, as it includes a tiny porch for your winged friends! It is handmade with natural forest finds, driftwood, and reclaimed wood. It is also carefully crafted with moss, lichen, rocks, and pine cone bushes. Get it at Etsy for $28.50.

Magical Fairy Garden Doors


6. Top Collection 5.25″ Miniature Fairy Garden & Terrarium Charming Round Door Decor, Small

This enchanting fairy door has the most intricate details! The resin-made item has a round door surrounded by stone frame and a wooden roof, with rustic door handles, knockers, and hinges. It also has some moss and vines growing along its stone frame. Get this on Amazon for $14.87.

7. Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden Mystical Gnome Home Door

Here’s a simple yet classic door for your winged friends. This is an arched door with some nice golden hinges and a knob. It also has a label for Mail. Available at Amazon for $12.95.

8. Wholesale Fairy Gardens Enchanted Fairy Door

There’s much to love about this enchanting fairy garden door. First of all, this resin-made product features a slim arched wooden door that’s painted in the most adorable blue color. The door itself features a floral wreath and opens and closes. The door is embedded in a tree with four red birds guarding the door. Get it on Amazon for $19.52.

9. Fairy Doors Fairy Garden Door that Opens Mushroom Design with Cat and Squirrel

This resin-made door isn’t just a doorway but a home for your fairies! It features a facade with two windows underneath a mushroom roof. A cat and squirrel guard the magical door from enemies, too. Available at Amazon for $25.81.

10. Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Medieval Fairy Door

For those who prefer simple, classic designs, this medieval fairy door is perfect for you. It is made of resin and features a nice blue hue, surrounded by a stone frame and step. Get it on Amazon for $11.47.


These are just some of the basics that you can add to your magical fairy garden. Other essentials that you might want to include are benches, chairs, bridges, pathways, and more. Invest in these awesome fairy garden accessories to spruce up the garden. An enchanting world lies behind these little magical fairy garden doors. Open up the world and let the magic in!


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