Fairy Garden Basics: How to Start Your Own Fairy Garden

In today’s fairy garden blog, we’re going back to basics and exploring the ways in which you can start your own fairy garden right at your backyard. If you’re a new enthusiast, you would understandably want to start small, which is why we have all the essential information and tips that you’ll need to take your first step into creating your own fairy garden. All you need now, aside from the materials we’ll list down later, is a big imagination and lots of creativity. Are you ready to start?

Creating Your Own Fairy Garden From Scratch

To create your make-believe fairy garden, you’ll have to come up with a creative idea: a mini landscape of sorts that will be home to your fairy garden friends. Think about what types of furniture and accessories you’ll want to include in your landscape. Will there be a theme, such as nautical or beach life, or classic shabby chic? Pick a theme and stick with it, so it can guide your choices moving forward. Here’s simple five-step way to create your very first fairy garden, along with some basic products and accessories that you’ll need.


1. Pick a container.

As soon as you’ve imagined and planned the design of your fairy garden, you pick a container large enough to fit several plants and one that has a proper drainage to keep plants healthy and thriving. You can consider containers like ceramic and terra cotta pots, wooden boxes or crates and baskets with proper lining so your soil doesn’t fall out. You can get a moss and vine fairy dish at Amazon for $19.00¹ or a square tin planter for a miniature garden, also at Amazon for $16.49².

2. Purchase some potting mix.

Potting mixes are better than plain old soil because they are made up of composted bark, peat moss, and other ingredients that make for easy drainage. Place this potting mix into your container. You can get potting mix at Amazon for $11.99³, or some starter kits that go for $16.95 at Amazon⁴ as well.

3. Plan your fairy garden layout.

In this stage, you should already know what type of furniture you’re going to include in your fairy garden. Whether it’s a house, a patio scene, or something else, you have to figure out how all of your fairy garden accessories will fit into your container. You can get some stone painted resin pathways on Amazon for $15.98⁵.

4. Get planting!

Once you’ve planned the layout, you’ll know exactly where to put your plants. Some opt for bonsai plants to create the effect of a large tree in a small scale. You can also go for some succulents, if you’d like. Once you’re done planting, sprinkle some water over the plants and soil and let it settle. You can get red maple bonsai seeds to grow for $2.40 on Amazon⁶, or a juniper bonsai for $14.99⁷. You can also get some succulents for $15.99 on Amazon⁸.

5. Create pathways and move in your furniture.

Once you’re done installing the plants in the fairy garden, it’s time for the most exciting part: creating pathways and adding furniture and accessories! Lay out your fairy garden just the way you imagined it. Some fairy garden accessories include a stake so you could insert it into the ground and keep it sturdily grounded. Check out this Victorian style miniature fairy garden bistro table at Etsy for $12.95⁹, this miniature water fountain for $9.95 on Amazon¹⁰, and this amazing miniature garden shed that sells for $15.99 on Etsy¹¹.


Remember that creating a fairy garden is a fun activity best done with some love and care. It’s also a great activity to do with kids and family members. The final result will surely blow you away. You might even be inspired to create another one in the future, or go big and work on your actual backyard garden. Regardless of what you decide, Teelie’s Fairy Garden will be here to guide you in every step of the way. Follow our blog for more great content and information on how to maintain and grow your fairy garden, or send us a message for any ideas or comments you might have. Happy gardening!


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