Glow in the Dark Goodies for an Evening in a Fairy Garden

Evenings In the fairy garden become so much more magical when the glow-in-the-dark enchantments start to appear. When the sky deepens and the sunlight goes dark, the fairy gardens continue to glow and shine well into the evening. Numerous creatures and magical implements cause an ethereal glow to twinkle on through the night. This catches the eye of passing travelers and other fairies flying overhead, leading them towards the garden. They even lead towards safety, and a place where these journeying fairies can spend the night to rest.

FG March 21 2019 1-51. The Magic Snail

If a fairy is looking to find their way to a fairy garden in the evening, they’ll do well to look out for the glow in the dark snails that will be dotting the wet soil. They like to live around fairy gardens, absorbing fallen fairy dust with the food, causing them to enjoy this pretty blue glow! Meet them at Etsy.

2. Moonstone Dragons

Dragons are naturally magical creatures and come in a wide variety of subspecies. This little one is a moonstone dragon. As his name suggests, he is shimmery and pearly in appearance. His bluish glow in the dark tint will light up deep into the night. He’ll be a stunning sight to see at rest near any fairy garden. Meet him at Etsy.

3. The Happy Frog

Frogs in the forests glow in the dark too! But magical frogs have an extra special light. After all, frogs feature in quite a few fairy tales. They’re good companions to fairies and often swim with them in the ponds. Magic frogs with their golden eyes glow green at night, and are a good signal that a fairy garden is nearby. See the frog at Etsy.

4. The Glowing Eggs

Another thing to look out for when seeking out a fairy garden at night would be to look for glowing eggs. Magical birds, tended to by the fairies themselves, will feature some glow in the dark eggs. They might be hidden in the trees or bushes, but a sharp-eyed fairy lover will surely be able to spot them! See some at Etsy.

5. The Fairy of the Guardian Orb

Of course, there are also fairies themselves who carry accoutrements that glow in the dark. This fairy spends the day gathering up the light of the sun into a magical orb. Come nightfall, the orb will glow in light, helping fellow fairies find their way back to their homes like a beacon. Meet her at the Fairy Garden.

FG March 21 2019 6-106. The Lantern-Bearing Fairy

Other fairies that may be patrolling the gardens at night will carry a glow in the dark lantern, just like this fairy. Being so small and delicate, and her light so tiny, she might just be mistaken for a firefly if she’s wandering through the grass at night. See her in Etsy.

7. The Traveling Fairy

Fairy travelers like this young fairy carry wands that glow in the dark as well. It works far better than any torch, as it won’t need any fuel other than fairy magic or the sun’s light to create its own light. This young fairy will find his way to his next destination without a problem. See him at Etsy.

8. Glow Mushrooms

Glow in the dark mushrooms are one of the most common sights in a fairy garden. They might dot the pathways or grassy knolls in the kingdoms. They look like tiny, magically glowing fairy caps dotting the grasses. They’ll be hard to miss at night, and will lead the way home. Get them at Etsy.

9. Blue Bubble Fairy Lanterns

This unique fairy lantern has beautiful blue bubbles within it that glow in the dark. It’s likely a gift from mermaid friends who use such magic to see their way in the darkness of the sea at night. They glow bright blue, taking after the color of the moonlight on the sea. See them at Etsy.

10. The Magical Trees

Among the most beautiful glow in the dark sights in a fairy garden are the magic trees. Their leaves and fruit glow in multiple colors through the night. If there are many of these little trees in a fairy garden, they become a resplendent sight through the night! It’s like a celebration of light every evening. See them in Etsy.

Follow the bright glow in the dark lights at night when seeking out a fairy garden. Make sure to not mistake them as will-o-wisps or fireflies. These magical lights may just lead the way to a grandly glowing fairy garden at night!

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