Into the Far East: Asian-Inspired Fairy Garden Features

Asian-inspired fairy gardens feature some amazingly breathtaking magic. Out in the lands where the sun sets, the Far East, fairies also live and make their magic. There are numerous beautiful items to love and appreciate that derive from the unique beauty of Asian regions. They may do things a little differently there from the fairy gardens of the west, but they are no less beautiful and magical.

Have a look at some the most stunning Asian-inspired fairy garden features:

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1. The Zen Lanterns

Fairy lanterns in the west blossom out of flowers and stems. These lanterns are made of paper, delicate as fairy wings. They glow from within, warmly and softly, like fireflies in the night. Asian-inspired lanterns like these add an extra serenity to the whole garden. Get them at the Fairy Garden.

2. The Pagoda Lanterns

These Asian-inspired lanterns are a little different: they look like tiny towers resting at the end of fairy paths and walks. They stand like small castles, especially when dotted around ponds, bridges, and more. Fairies walking past them would admire such little stone structures. Get these tiny pagoda lanterns at the Fairy Garden.

3. Zen Temple Gong

This is a very special bell, even for most Asian-inspired features. This gong is often rung on special moments and occasions. It also hangs from what is called tori, or a temple’s archway. This makes it very close to the spirits and the powers of nature, and of life itself. See this gong at the Fairy Garden.

4. Magical Rare Blue Maple Bonsai Seeds

Imagine a tiny tree, perfectly sized for fairies, elves, and other magical beings, growing and appearing just like a full sized tree, in a little pot. That is the magic of bonsai trees in an Asian-inspired garden. But even this tree is exceedingly rare: it is a blue maple, stunning and brightly colored. Get them at the Fairy Garden.

5. Yoga Bunny

This little bunny is enjoying the atmosphere of an Asian-inspired garden. Such tranquility and peacefulness allows everyone, even the fairy animals, to enjoy a new place to meditate and just relax. It allows them a moment away from the busy bustle and enjoy the sunshine and warmth of the world. Meet the bunny at the Fairy Garden.

FG Mar 22 2019 6-106. The Bamboo Fountain

A fairy visiting an Asian-inspired fairy garden might hear a unique, melodious sound in the distance: it may be the sound of bamboo clinking, and the sound of water trickling through it. Bamboo fountains like these are common in Asian fairy gardens, and clean enough that a koi might swim in it! See this one at Etsy.

7. The Big Bridge

Different magical stories are told in fairy gardens in the Far East. One of them features a bridge just like this one, grand and beautiful. They say that once a year, on a special day, pair of magical lovers get to meet on a bridge in the starry skies to meet. Wouldn’t a bridge like this one, with such a romantic story, be an amazing thing to see in a fairy garden? See it at Etsy.

8. Delicious Delights from the East

After all that magic and storytelling, it’s time to get something to eat! Let the fairies of the Asian-inspired garden enjoy some tiny, delicious, perfect steamed dim sum. They’re some of the most famous snacks in the world, and remarkably wholesome for everyone to share. See them at Etsy.

9. Sakura Mochi Treats

If the fairies are seeking something a little sweeter, these sakura mocha are subtly sweet, floral, and unbelievably soft and chewy. Sakura mocha is a very popular sweet treat in the Eastern lands of Japan, and they have the scent of the dazzling cherry blossoms that appear in the springtime. Get them at Etsy.

10. The Koi Pond

No Asian-inspired garden is complete without a koi fish pond. Koi are prized fish, with their glimmering scales and beautiful patterns. They swim together so beautifully under the water. Fairies will absolutely enjoy sitting by this pond to watch them swim, and enjoy the tranquility. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

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