Make Way for the Most Enchanting Fairy Castles

It’s a tale as old as time, in many fairytales we know: when they live happily ever after, it’s to a grand and beautiful castle they go. Grand, beautiful castles are the stuff of storybooks, and home to magic and romance. As Valentines’ Day approaches, there aren’t many things that would be as romantic as the sight of a beautiful, fairytale castle rising out of the forests of your fairy garden.  Just by seeing it, it weaves tales of adventure and enchantments, of spells and true love. It’s a perfect annex to your garden as Valentines approaches. Visit some castles and let the story begin.


1. The Forest Fairies’ Castle

Built within a small tree, this castle can play home to a modest archduke of the forest fairies, who wishes to protect rather than be grand. Can you imagine him, wizened and bent over his books made of leaves, remembering that today is the day he helps the leaves turn color? He’d climb its turrets to peer out at the branches, wishing the birds good morning, before going about his day. Find this castle at The Fairy Garden.

2. Fiddlehead Castle

Set the heart of Fiddlehead Village, this beautiful stone castle rises out of the grass with its splendid terrace and tower. Fit as a summery home for royals to observe their kingdom around them, wouldn’t it be nice to imagine the king and queen dancing together on its terrace, twirling and spinning in the dappled afternoon light? It’s the perfect site for that fairytale happy ending. Get the castle at the Fairy Garden.

3. The Summer Tower

Small but elegant, this is the perfect summer home or honeymoon spot for a royal couple looking for a change of view. After all, this tower is fit for the indoors as well. The castle can look over new views and scenery, and makes the perfect retreat for fairies who might be looking to enjoy the unique sights indoors. This will be especially welcome to them come winter, as the castle will be warm and toasty as opposed to being outdoors in the snow! Get it for yourself at the Fairy Garden.

4. The Swirly Toadstool Towers

This castle will certainly catch the eye as its swirling turrets and tops rise from amidst the scarlet toadstools. Straight out of the oldest fairytales, the castle is a bright royal home for happy, big hearted fairies who enjoy bringing in the sunshine to everyone around them as they announce the sunrise and help the flowers glow. A benevolent family of royals must certainly live in such a whimsical, happy looking castle! Get it at Etsy.

5. The Magnificent Midsummer Castle

This incredibly detailed fairy castle is certainly the only one of its kind. It seems utterly crafted from the hands of hardworking fairies who used driftwood, twigs, branches, leaves, and moss to create the ultimate fortress. With its many rooms and towers, it seems as though it was a castle built from the very first time fairies had settled in the area, one generation occupying it after the other, and as much a part of its land as the trees above. See the castle at Etsy.



6. Fairy at the Colorful Castle

A castle as bright as this one seems utterly fit for a playful fairy princess looking for a place to sit and look over her garden. Decorated with multicolored stones at its archways and windows, it looks as though it were a part of the meadow or garden that it rests upon. As a princess sits there, she may be waiting for her prince to come by, or perhaps she’s simply enjoying the colors of the flowers around her. Get the castle at Etsy.

7. Castle of the Woodlands

A baron or baroness of the woodlands, with regal wings patterned like the dappled sunlight through the trees, would love to live in a castle as grand as this one. Sturdy and imposing, shaped like a tree, covered with moss and carefully engraved with leaves on its walls; it has arched windows and three beautiful towers, with a central tower fit for the master of the castle. Head up the stone steps and see the castle yourself at Etsy.

8. The Enchanted Castle

A breathtaking castle like this one could only be the home of the most magical fairies. This enchanted castle of green and gold, with spiral towers like leaves jutting out from the ground, and with incredibly ornate carved arches in its face, could be the home of powerful forest guardians. Those who live in such a beautiful castle must be incredibly full of magic and wisdom, and could only be the rulers of vast swathes of fairy lands. Get this castle at Amazon.

9. The Emerald Wizard’s Castle

When it comes to incredible magic, wizards are among the most powerful. Would a wizard fairy live in this castle, modeled after the Emerald City of Oz? Witches and wizards of Oz are known to be of great power and magic, and it’s evident from this castle great green walls and towers, and golden gate. Full of turrets inside, it seems to be a castle city of its own, perhaps full of the most magical emerald fairies. Get this castle at Amazon.

10. The Storybook Castle

Finally, we end our visits around the castles where we began. All stories begin with Once Upon A Time, as engraved into the entryway of this picture perfect storybook castle, with its very own drawbridge, welcoming noble fairy princes in, to be greeted by shining fairy princesses. Whether they find true love, or their happily ever after, still remains to be seen, as this fairy story has only just begun! Find the castle in Amazon.

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