Fairy Scoop: Fairy Hearts Flutter with a Romantic Ring for Valentine’s Day

As the day of hearts approaches, fairies all over the world start their search for the most perfect gift, a beautiful present for their one true love. Hearts are ablaze everywhere, and is there anything more sweetly romantic than a receiving a beautiful ring for Valentine’s Day among gifts and stunning pastries? This is an unforgettable spread of Valentine’s Day romance is fit for a fairy prince seeking out his princess. He is out there hoping to present her with a sparkling ring to express a love beyond even a happily ever after. It’s all about fluttering hearts, rings, and sweet everlasting love in this unique fairy ring for Valentine’s set that you can get in the Fairy Garden.

GIFTS AND CAKEAt first glance, there is so much of this spread to love as it casts a glow of pink, red, and white, with sweet baked treats and hearts everywhere. The collection is full of the most amazing sights fit for a full Valentine’s Day date between two fairies. Imagine them sitting on a mossy log or a big toadstool, enjoying the evening light of the fireflies deep in the woods!


The Valentine’s ring celebration spread holds several presents and delights. A beautifully iced pink cake, with its white frosting, pink flowers, and green leaves is a wonderful treat to enjoy, perhaps with a cup of tea, or coffee (get it from the Fairy Garden). It can even be enjoyed with a glass of wine (find it at Etsy.)


More surprises await the lovely lucky recipient of this beautiful Valentine’s spread, as there’s a small shower of presents also before them. Two beautifully pink-and-white wrapped gift boxes and a gift bag from which pink tissue fountains out are sitting nearby. Who knows what precious presents are waiting inside? Could they be a shiny new crown for the queen of their hearts, or a heart shaped wand?



Inside a lovely pink box decorated with a glittery pink heart are half a dozen precious chocolate cake donuts, each topped with a swirly kiss of white icing. Fairy lovers can enjoy these pretty, chocolatey delights, sharing them between one another as they laugh and share stories.


Table Toppers

Laid out beneath the entire spectacle is a pair of beautiful table toppers. The toppers are pink and red, covered in hearts, glitter and lovely patterns These help set the whole mood of sweetness and magical romance. Sprinkled here and there are tiny hearts in red and shiny gold, almost like confetti, which give the fairies even more cause for celebration. The red hearts are for love, and the golden hearts symbolize timeless romance.


Glitter Heart

This is never more evident than with an ornate glittering heart, bordered with delicate lace and embellished with golden filigree. This pretty Valentine’s ornament is often given to a fairy’s most beloved person. Its careful handiwork expresses how much care goes into this gesture, and how precious the recipient is.


The Ring

But the very piece de resistance, the heart of this entire Valentine’s celebration, is the beautiful sparkling ring. The diamond ring is nestled sweetly in a plush-lined ring box embellished in shining gold. It waits to be presented to that most beloved fairy of all. This jewel is a symbol of true and everlasting love. It’s also a vow of loyalty to be true for as long as their lives allow. A diamond is forever, and that is what this ring hopes to express for the two lovers.

This is one truly incredible Valentine’s ring collection that is a must-have this Valentine’s Day. Get it at the Fairy Garden soon, as who knows what magical love stories can spring forth from there!

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