Coffee, Tea, and Me? A Sparkling Starbucks Valentine’s Day Fairy Party

featured sparkling starbucks valentine’s day fairy party

The most romantic day of the year is steadily approaching and everyone is getting ready for it. Valentine’s Day is such a wonderfully sweet day for lovers, so you can just imagine how incredibly loving and magical it must be for fairies. Fairies experience romance and love just as much as people do, and they love spending time with the fairies that they love.

Everyone goes on nice dates, and fairies are no exception to this rule. This beautiful and extremely rare set of goodies will let you join Stella the Pink Fairy as she enjoys her time with her beloved through the most adorable little Starbucks coffee party. The entire set can be found on Etsy (sold out).

starbucks valentines day fairy party for two

Joining you on this splendid fairy coffee party is Stella the Pink Fairy. Sweet and bright, just like the spread that’s been laid out before you, she’s a wonderful companion to spend Valentine’s Day with! You can sit her in the company of other fairies already in your garden so they can all enjoy this wonderful Starbucks party!

2. The Glittering Heart

Part of the spread is a beautifully elaborate, glittering heart chocolate box. Two hearts fused as one, adorned with delicate lace and a satin bow, is a beautiful present to give to a true love, who you may be hoping to have a happily ever after with. A bright heart-shaped gemstone sits in the middle, shining and timeless, making the heart infinitely more precious. And all that comes before the yummy chocolate that the receiver will enjoy inside the box!

3. The Eternal Rose

Nestled in a delicate piece of white tissue is a rose in full bloom. Red roses are symbolic of true love, and this magical rose will stay eternally blooming, much in the same way that the giver hopes to present their own love as true and everlasting. It’s the most perfect flower to present to the most beloved of fairies during Valentine’s Day.

4. Pink Pedestals

Glittery pink pedestals will come with the heart and the rose, which allow you to fully showcase them in all their grandeur. They’ll be a breathtaking sight for every fairy coming to the party to enjoy the treats, gifts, and coffee everywhere!


table toppers

5. Coffee Cups

What would a coffee party be without the coffee cups? The ubiquitous Starbucks cups have become an international symbol off sweet, delicious coffee, and therefore they’ll be the perfect complement to this sweet date. Two cups will be there, steaming and ready for the fairy couple who are hoping to enjoy this sweet treat. In case you have a bigger party in mind, with multiple couples involved, you can pick up a couple of extra coffee cups (a – found in Etsy!) that come with some extra treats. You can even get a solo set that comes with cookies (b – grab it in Etsy), just in case someone is third-wheeling on this date.

6. Table Toppers

Along with the many presents to be found are three pretty table toppers. In pink, white, and red, covered in brilliant patterns, they’re perfect for placing on top of a tea table, a little stump, or even a bed of moss. Set the feeling for the party with them and showcase that love is in the air! They even come with a sprinkling of red and golden hearts, like celebratory confetti in the air!

gifts and cakes


7. Romantic Gifts

A pair of Valentine’s Day gifts are waiting along with the coffee. One of them is a gift bag, covered in red hearts and a shiny golden embellishment. The other is a gift box, topped with a marvelous flower-like bow. Who knows what beautiful presents await the lucky recipients inside? It could be an enchanted ring (also found on Etsy!), a magic locket, or a crown; anything is possible!

8. Cakes

And then, of course, you will have wonderful, delicious cakes. Every taste will have you spellbound, as one scrumptious treat after another is presented on white porcelain plates. You get a slice of soft, creamy strawberry cake, a pair of sweet, beautiful jelly rolls topped with shiny cherries, and even a lovely pink cupcake topped with cherries. The only thing sweeter than these cakes are kisses.

This entire set can be found on Etsy, all in one incredibly rare set – the only one of its kind. With such a brilliantly intricate date party, there’s certainly going to be a whole lot of love in the air, scented with coffee!


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