Sweet Dreams Are Made of Fairy Treats and Pastries for Valentines

The air gets sweeter and sweeter with every day that brings us closer to Valentine’s Day. Fairies all over the world are bustling and preparing, making sure that even they are ready for a festival of love and romance. It’s not just about that perfect measure of fairy dust to sprinkle on some human couples on this magical day. It’s also about a wonderfully delightful time between fairy lovers.

The smell of true love is in the air, accompanied by the scent of fairy treats, given with whimsical spells and poetry comparing the sweetness of the pastries to the sweetness of their beloved. Valentines isn’t Valentines without a multitude of sweet fairy treats and delicious delights. Have a look at some more tasty additions you can make to the fairies’ most magical Valentines’ sweet date!

1. Sweet Starbucks for Two

What goes better with doughnuts and biscuits than a pair of coffee cups? This rare collection of fairy treats feature coffee and cakes (of delicious jelly rolls, strawberry cake and cupcakes) enough for two, a chocolate box, along with even more surprises such as gifts and hearts. It’s an absolute must-have for Valentine’s day! Find it at Etsy.

2. The Enchanted Ring

Is there anything more romantic than a shining ring, nestled in red plush, offered to a beloved fairy along with a spectacular pink cake, and box of iced chocolate doughnuts? This rare set of Valentines fairy goodies is dazzling and intricate, guaranteed to take the breath away of any beloved fairy that it’s been presented to. Get it at Etsy.

3. The Sweetest Cupcakes

A pair of sweet cupcakes, pink and spongy, topped with a pile of swirling whipped icing and sprinkles, crowned with red and pink hearts, is the perfect addition to a dessert-laden picnic of love. They come with a sprinkling of candy hearts in pink and white, which will be excellent for topping onto other treats you have! Get them at Etsy.

4. Marvelous Magical Mochas

A fairy would want something to wash all that sweet stuff down with, so why not offer a pair of mocha cups? Deliciously creamy, chocolatey, with a hint of coffee, they’re topped with twirls of whipped cream and sprinkles, adorned with a sugared candy heart, and a cookie straw of pink and white. They come accompanied by cupcakes with pink frosting, a chocolate doughnut iced pink, and even more candy hearts! Find it at Etsy.

5. Sweetheart’s Chocolates

Things hardly get sweeter than a box of handmade chocolate, full of surprising tastes and magical morsels. Shaped like a red heart and filled with pieces of chocolate nestled in white tissue, it’s a wonderful gift to add. A fairy girl would happily lean up against her beloved, sharing the truffles and tasty chocolates with him as they watch the sun set over the garden. Pick it up at Etsy.

7. Perfect Poptarts

This one adds a more homey touch, perfect for fairies who want a familiar taste of home. A set of six poptarts, in cherry, strawberry, and chocolate raspberry, seemingly fresh out of the oven, are a wonderfully comforting addition among the legions of sweets. Pick a warm tart up, split it in half, and share it with love. Get it at Etsy.

7. Woodland Wonders

A woodsy date night wouldn’t be complete with some forest berries as a treat. This set of woodland furnishings come with a luscious cake full of shiny berries and covered in honeycomb candy, with a jug of mulled wine and forest-berry tarts to share. The sweet taste of the forests’ gifts are an earthy delight for forest fairies. Get it right at Etsy.

8. Cupcake Tree

A tree-like cake stand made of wood, covered in moss and heaped with the most delicious vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, covered in multicolored frosting? Yes please! Add this delectable delight to a Valentine’s date night and watch fairies enjoying the sweet taste of cake and frosting out in the woods. Find the tower in Etsy.

9. A Slice of Red

With fairyland being painted red with all the love in the air, bring the cake to fit the theme. A beautiful red velvet layer cake, covered in white cream cheese and adorned with tiny roses fits in just perfectly with the Valentine’s atmosphere. What fairy wouldn’t love a rich, indulgent slice of such a romantic cake? Find it at Etsy.

10. Soda Surprise

Serve up some more love on a beautiful silver tray. On it are a pair of flavored sodas with pretty pink and white straws, a slice of strawberry and cream jelly roll, a pair of rich heart-shaped chocolate, and the most beautiful white cake adorned in white and red roses. It’s all the love and sweetness in one neat little tray. Get it in Etsy.

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