Cakes, Bakes, and Pastries Galore for the Sweetest Valentines Additions to Your Garden

It’s time to bring some fine sugary fairy cakes and bakes out to your fairy garden as the day of love, Valentines’ Day, slowly approaches. The day of love is one of the biggest events in the whole fairy kingdom, and many of the fairies will be working round-the-clock to present the sweetest treats for the ones they love and for humans everywhere to enjoy. It’s time to festoon your garden with some of the best fairy cakes and treats that can be found anywhere, and here’s a whole set of them for you to add to your garden.

items 1-51. Cupid’s Cake

A spectacular sponge cake, covered in fluffy white frosting. Decorated with red buttercream roses, candy hearts, truffle and biscuits, and topped with a biscuit cupid. And all wrapped with a gorgeous red bow is a breathtaking cake for Valentine’s Day. This fairy cake would make a brilliant centerpiece for a fairy’s Valentine’s spread. Get it at Etsy.

2. A Boxful of Love

Imagine this beautiful pastry sitting atop a fairy banquet’s table. It almost looks like a cake, wrapped in red ribbon, iced with lacy red frosting, even with a buttercream flower. But it’s a magical surprise when you realize that this is no fairy cake: it’s a heart-shaped box made of shortbread! As it opens, pretty candy hearts go spilling out as a surprise. Get it in Etsy.

3. Pretty Petite Hearts

On such a big occasion, there must be enough fairy cake baked for everyone. These little heart-shaped cakes, each one ornately decorated with shells of frosting, candied strawberries and candy hearts, wrapped in their own little bows, makes sure that every fairy in the Valentine’s Ball will have a delicious treat to themselves. They come in pink and red and you’ll find them in Etsy.

4. Heavenly Heart Tart

Add this perfectly enchanting heart-shaped cream tart to the feast and admire the carefully crafted candy cupids adorning it. It even comes topped with an icing rose, and is seated on a golden bakery board. It’s pretty pastel colors are sure to catch the eye of a fairy seeking out a creamy sugary delight to indulge in with their loved one! Get the tart at Etsy.

5. Tantalizing Teddy Cakes

Teddy bears are popular presents on Valentine’s Day, and so they’re an absolute must as a feature for a Valentine’s day feast! These tiny fairy cakes come topped with a biscuit teddy bear, faces and buttons shaped with chocolate, and holding candy hearts. Covered in red or pink icing, it’s small enough for a fairy to enjoy by herself, or share the bear with her prince! Get them at Etsy.

items 6-106. Red Velvet Valentines

Let the fairies present their hearts on a platter for the one they love most. This fairy cake has red velvet and cream cheese frosting. It’s absolutely covered with beautiful red candy hearts and red roses. It’s like a bouquet itself, being presented out of pure love, as the golden ornament says itself. Wrapped with a white bow, it’s the perfect cake for a fairy Valentine’s date. Find it at Etsy.

7. Heart’s Day Heart Cake

This little pink and white pastry is a beautiful fairy cake to add to the feast. It’s covered in shells of pink icing and sprinkles, topped with pastel pink and golden candy hearts. it’s a wonderful solo cake for fairies to enjoy at a ball, or a charming cake for a pair of lovers to enjoy out on their own date. But, wouldn’t it be much sweeter to share one? Get the little cakes at Etsy.

8. Three Tier Sweetheart Cake

Covered in white icing and pink frosting, with tiny hearts embossed onto the frosting, each layer of this three tier cake is shaped like hearts. Three tiers, perhaps for three little words, “I love you”! The cake is also adorned by pink candy cupids, flying around the cake, until you reach the perfect pink candy heart sitting right at the top. Get this fairy cake at Etsy.

9. Red and White Delight

Sitting atop a golden bakery board is the loveliest white and red three-tier cake. Shaped in stacked hearts, laced with red icing, it sits as a brilliant Valentine’s Day delight on a fairy Valentine’s Day feast. Everything from the glossy red candy Cupids fluttering around it, to the shiny red candy hearts all the way to the top, makes this a truly special Valentine’s fairy cake. Get it in Etsy.

10. True Love Rose Cupcake

This beautiful cupcake is the ultimate of cupcakes for Valentine’s Day. Shaped like a basket, with a pastry twist as a handle, adorned with a beautiful red ribbon, this cupcake is topped by the most perfect red icing roses, nestled in white cream icing. Any fairy’s heart would leap at such a sweet sight, presented with love, saying “I love you the most”. Get the cupcake at Etsy.

Fill your fairy garden with fairy cakes and bakes for the sweetest and most beautiful Valentine’s Day to make sure that love hangs thick in the air!

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