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Fairy Scoop: An Amazing Fairy Hutch of Sweets and Treats for Your Fairy Garden this Valentine’s Day

This week’s Fairy Scoop brings you to a beautiful corner that holds everything a fairy will need for a Valentine’s date to remember. Built with loving hands and carrying a treasure trove of Valentine’s goodies, this fairy hutch is the perfect addition to any fairy garden about to celebrate the much-awaited day of hearts.

Have a closer look at this cupboard stuffed with bright red and white goodies, all to celebrate one of the most important days in the year for fairies everywhere. You can find this beautiful fairy hutch exclusively in Etsy.

1. The Wonderful White Cabinet

This is where everything is settled. The cabinet is perfect, with the tiniest golden knobs on the handles. It looks straight out of a home of a fairy settled in a cottage far out into the meadows. It has two shelves, covered in red and white checked gingham, and beautiful little cabinet doors and drawers that can be opened. It’s going to need all that space for the goodies it’ll hold. It comes with the set in Etsy.

FG FS 01 23 2019 22. Hearts, Flowers, and Cookie Jars

From the very top of the fairy hutch sits a white ceramic vase, covered in scarlet hearts. It’s stuffed with red and white blooms fresh from the meadows. Standing in its place of honor at the top, it’s ready to pour out a lot of love for the big day. Also on the top shelf of the fairy hutch is a glass cookie jar, neatly tied with red bow, and filled with delectable tiny cookies inside. These sweet treats will delight any fairy that happens to catch sight of them in their perch. Although they may have to flutter up on their wings to reach them! See them at Etsy.

3. Signs of Love

Two splendid signs, spelling out declarations of love, can be found on the fairy hutch. On the very top are red letters spelling out love, with a pink rose in full bloom laid out at its bottom. In the middle shelf, behind the little treats and cups, is a wooden sign in big letters saying “I Love You”. This is a cupboard just bursting with love! Spot them at Etsy.

4. Toasts for Romance

The first shelf level holds tiny crystal champagne goblets, enough to share for a King, a Queen, a Prince, and a Princess. Everyone will cup a goblet filled with fairy wine and be able to raise a toast to the glorious day of love that they all enjoy. Also on the shelf are small, tulip-shaped tea lights augmenting the scenery of the fairy hutch. Imagine as they flicker like tiny fireflies, adding so much magic and romance to the scene. It’s the perfect touch to add extra sparkle and rosy color to the scene. They’re also in the set at Etsy.

5. Hearts on a Platter

Also on this shelf of the fairy hutch are gorgeous ceramic plates covered in hearts. They match the vase up top perfectly. They’re ready to be set down and be piled high with delicious sweets and cakes that fairies love. There’ll be plenty of those on the big night, especially during a big ball. See them at Etsy.

FG FS 01 23 2019 3

6. Cups, Cakes, and Custard Bowl

The sweets are just getting started! The next shelf down showcases beautiful little ceramic cups. In addition, they’re embossed with scarlet hearts and adorned with red handles. These cups are the perfect choice for a nice hot cup of chocolate in the morning, perhaps topped with whipped cream. This will go great with the slices of chocolate roll cakes, topped with strawberries. In the middle of these goodies is a big custard or candy bowl, waiting to be filled with treats. See the set at Etsy.

7. Fairy Thumbprint Cookies

On the wide shelf of the fairy hutch, seated on a ceramic, heart-shaped bowl, are a pile of tiny, delectable thumbprint cookies. Their heart prints as filled with glossy red jam and are positively enchanting, drawing the eye to their color. Imagine a good little fairy, face streaked with flour, working hard to make such beautiful cookies for the one she loves! See them in the set at Etsy.

8. Sweets for Sweethearts

A vibrant line of delicious candies stored inside glass bottles are behind the cookies. Not even the cute little cork stoppers of each magical bottle can stop the glow of such splendid sweets. Everything from gummies to gumdrops is contained in these bottles. Such a motherlode of goodies for sweet-toothed fairies to enjoy this Valentine ’s Day! See the set at Etsy.

9. Love Spells and Love Notes

Covering the fairy hutch’s shelf are love notes and cards. They’re pink and white and red, adorned with hearts and glitters. Clearly, the Valentines have arrived, and they’re full of sweet things. Perhaps inside is a love spell or two, or just love notes professing vows of romance. Whatever is in them, they’re to keep deep in your heart, where their magic grows strongest. Find them at Etsy.

10. Gifts of Love

Finally, a small bundle of gifts is resting at the side of the cupboard. They’re decorated in red hearts, as well as covered in red and white check to match the shelf runners. Nestled in the red and white tissue, what surprises could be hiding inside? Perhaps a ring or a crown, or something more? It’s certainly exciting to find out on Valentine’s Day!


This beautiful fairy hutch is a must-have addition to any Valentine’s Day setting for fairies! Head over to Etsy to have a look at it yourself!


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