Magical Fairy Garden Gifts for Your Most Beloved This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of magic for fairies and humans alike. There will be plenty of sweets, kisses, and gifts. It’s normal to feel as though your feet don’t even touch the ground, floating on fairy wings, when you’re spending time in the company of the one you love. Somehow time seems to stop and the lights sparkle in their presence.

But why stop the magic there? Add some extra enchantment to your day by putting a bit of fairy magic into your Valentine’s gifts this year. After all, who wouldn’t want a little bit of storybook romance in the biggest celebration of lovers in the year?

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1. Hearts Alight

Set the mood out at the garden. It is Valentines Day, do love is certainly in the air. And what better way to show that off than by illuminating a garden with fiery hearts?  Festoon the whole fairy garden scene with lovely heart shaped lights, shining like red fireflies into the night. It instantly adds a warm glow for all the fairies to enjoy. See it at Amazon.

2. Rainbow Auroras

The halls and skies of fairyland are always full of brilliant, magical auroras. Valentine’s is the perfect time to witness something so enchanting. Set this unique crystal light at your beloved’s fairy garden, and watch the entire garden illuminate in rippling multicolored lights. It’s best done at night, so you can really enjoy the colors. It even plays music! Get it in Amazon.

3. Fairy Love Letters

Bring in the thrill of opening a love letter into your lover’s fairy garden. Bring them this gift of a beautiful Valentine’s mailbox fit for fairies. It’s stuffed with the most precious love letters and love notes, just waiting to be opened and read. Perhaps they’re from loved ones from far away, hoping to bring some love this day.  Get the mailbox in Amazon.

4. Flower Bed of Hearts

This is the perfect Valentine’s gift for a fairy garden tender looking to add some Valentine romance into their flower beds. A tiny bed of roses in red and white, and shaped like a heart, will instantly bring romance for fairies. Set around the garden, it’s like love has just sprung up off the ground and blooming everywhere. Get it at Amazon.

5. The Love Gnome

This good gentleman gnome is a wonderful gift for a special someone! Let him stand in the fairy garden, holding his bag overflowing with pink roses. He even has one pressed to his chest, ready to be presented to that special person. He’ll have plenty of flowers to share for the rest of the fairies in the garden as well! Get him at Amazon.

FG 01 24 19 6-10a6. The Love Crane

Everyone talks about love “birds” this Valentines, so why not introduce your love to a fairy love crane? This gift is simply elegant: a white crane with his long slender neck standing on a stone, waiting to bring love to a fairy garden. A little red heart is tied around his neck, ready to be given to any fairy who might need some love today. Get it at Etsy.

7. Gnomes in Love

What could be a sweeter gift than true love’s kiss? These gnomes in love sure do know what that’s like! They’ll sit at your beloved’s garden, loving and kissing forever. They’re even so smartly dressed in black pantaloons and her in a white dress. You start to wonder: are they newlyweds? They’d be a lovely surprise for a fiancé who keeps a fairy garden! Find this cute couple at Etsy.

8. Lover’s Swing

Surely fairies would also love a beautiful place to sit in to have a little date. Give your special someone a gift of the lover’s swing. This elegant swing is covered in blooming flowers and hearts. It’s so easy to see a little fairy sitting, being gently pushed by her prince, as they enjoy the evening breeze in the garden on Valentine’s. Pick it up in Etsy.

9. Coffee for Two

Surely your sweetheart would enjoy receiving a sweet treat for their fairy garden! This whole set is a picnic meal for two little fairies on a Valentine’s date. They both get Starbucks cups, jelly rolls, cupcakes, and even the most beautifully wrapped gifts. Fairies need to enjoy a date night for the day of hearts too! Get the whole set at Etsy.

10. Valentine Dragon

Finally, your sweetheart will want someone to look after the garden and all those fairies while you’re out on a date. This little red Valentine’s dragon will have you covered. He’s good at guarding hearts; he’s even hugging one made of scarlet glass. Rest assured that all the fairies in the garden will get to enjoy their Valentine’s in peace. Get him at Etsy.


Any of these beautiful gifts would add an extra dose of magic to a fairy garden Valentine’s day. Make it a day full of spellbinding surprises!


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