Showstopping Dessert Showpieces to Unveil at a Valentines Fairy Ball

As Valentine’s Day, one of the biggest celebrations in the whole fairy kingdom, continues its approach, preparations are going underway. Some of the best bakers and cooks in the whole fairy kingdom have been working tirelessly. Cakes, desserts, and pastries, sweet and delicious, are a must at such a grand event. But they can’t be just any dessert.

For a magnificent Valentine’s fairy ball, some showstopping desserts must be spread out. After all, the King and Queen and all the rest of the fairy kingdom deserve the very best on the day of love! All of the kingdom’s patisseries, candy shops, and bakeries have come to present their most intricate and beautiful showpiece desserts.

FG-01-25-19 1-51. The Hidden Heart Pound Cake

This pound cake, a ring of golden sponge, is already beautiful from the first glance. It’s dripping in vanilla icing and sprinkled in red sugar. Topped with red and white candy hearts, it’s a sight to behold. But when a slice is cut out, a hidden red heart is revealed right within the cake! Each fairy gets a slice with love. Get this sweet surprise at Etsy.

2. The Rosy Charlotte Cake

They say that Charlotte cakes are named after a queen from days long past. This beautiful flower-like cake is therefore the perfect centerpiece dessert to present to the Fairy King and Queen for this grand Valentines ball! Thick, creamy custard is surrounded by scarlet ladyfingers, covered in powdered sugar. It’s topped with a candy rose, making it look like a flower in a flower. Get it at Etsy.

3. Tower of Hearts

This immense dessert, rising high like a magic tower, is a beautiful white cake. It’s covered in dozens of white and red hearts and pearly candies, swirling upward to a pointed peak. At the top, a single red heart sits. This ambitious work of art is truly a masterpiece in fairy desserts, and a shoo-in for a showpiece for the Valentine’s ball. Get it at Etsy.

4. Basket of Roses

What appeared to be two baskets were presented for the forthcoming ball. But as it turns out, this basket is actually a cake! Like magic, this dessert is a cake that had been turned into the shape of basket. Scarlet roses made of fondant are pouring out of it, shiny and delectable. Surely no fairy maiden would say no to receiving a sweet bouquet like this! See it at Etsy.

5. Basket of Hearts

The next basket is also a wonderful dessert. Same as the roses before, this basket is made of cake. Except this time, it’s overflowing with red and white hearts. With so many hearts and so much love to give, every fairy could receive a sweet candy heart from the basket and enjoy the cake with it. It matches the other basket perfectly. Grab it at Etsy.

FG-01-25-19 6-106. Chocolate Heart Millefeuille

How carefully the fairy bakers must’ve worked on this heart shaped wonder! Each crisp layer of flaky chocolate pastry must have been carefully made to be as light and delicate as fairy wings. Sandwiched between each layer is a helping of creamy custard. But instead of mere powdered sugar, it’s topped with the most elegant rose and tiny blossoms. See this dessert in Etsy.

7. The Cake of LOVE

This cake, piled high with cream and covered in cute cookies, is a playful centerpiece for the sweet day. The cream cake is circled by square cookies, each covered in royal icing and bearing letters in red. All around the cake they spell “LOVE”, which is simply the most apt way to describe the special day: sweet, beautiful, and full of love. Get it at Etsy.

8. The Golden Croquembouche

This tower of golden profiteroles, dripping in shiny syrup, is a magnificent dessert fit for royalty. Apart from the crème-stuffed pastries, they’re also sprinkled with rose petals, raspberries, and gold leaf flakes. Such a lovely and sophisticated fairy treat could only be presented at the royal table. Find it in Etsy.

9. S’more Cake

This adorable cake almost looks like a cookie! With a thick chocolate cake base and a heaping crème mousse on top like a marshmallow, it reminds every onlooker of a large campfire s’more. It’s even got the lovely thick dripping of chocolate syrup on top. The surface is heaped with delicious red cherries and chunks of dark and white chocolate, sure to have any fairy enjoying a bite licking their fingers. Get the cake at Etsy.

10.The Happy Ever After

A cake of white, in tiers, immediately brings to mind a grand wedding cake. It conjures up images of that happily ever after and a kiss of true love. It’s heaped with intricate pink roses and beautiful peach icing shells. Surely many a royal fairy baker has stayed up nights to complete this immense masterpiece. Sitting in the middle of the banquet hall, this is a real dessert of love. Get it at Etsy.


All these beautiful cakes make everyone look forward to a grand ball for Valentines. With such masterpieces on display, the King and Queen should rest assured that the ball will be a success!


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