A Toast for Love: Miniature Fairy Drinks for Your Fairy Garden this Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, so do preparations for an unforgettable Fairy Ball that comes with one of the most important days in the kingdom. During the celebration of love and such a grand feast, it’s also important to maintain a steady supply of fairy drinks. From wonderful cocktails and vintages for a royal toast, or just something sweet to sip on as they giggle and whisper sweet nothings to one another. Good drinks complete a great ball.

Have a look at these splendid drinks to add to your fairy garden in time for the ball:

FG 01 28 19 1-51. Colorful Cocktails

These sets of cocktails will get everyone hovering around the watering hole. They come in a myriad of colors and flavors, one for every taste. Anyone can just grab a brightly-colored drink and start chatting up their fairy next to them! Get it at The Fairy Garden.

2. Fantastic Frappuchinos

A tasty frappunchino, topped with delicious whipped cream, is the ideal complement to a sweet dessert during the ball. These fairy drinks come in tiny starbucks cups and are sure to be a hit with the coffee lovers among the guests. Find them at the Fairy Garden.

3. Ice-Cold Cokes

The staple soda is an essential to a big party. After who, who doesn’t love an ice-cold coke, frosted over with ice? Bring this big bucket of coca colas, bathed in a big tub of ice, and watch everyone flit over to grab a bottle! Find this at Amazon.

4. Super Soda Cooler

Maybe a cola is not to their liking? Whatever the case, there’s enough variety for anyone when it comes to soda. Bring in this ice-cold bucket of fairy drinks to the table so that everyone can get their favorite soda pop, whatever their taste may be. Get the tub at Amazon.

5. Magical Milk

When you’re gorging on the delicious desserts in the Fairy Ball, what could be better than a glass of cold milk? Everyone will love seeing these beautiful milk bottles standing ready to pour. The local fairy milkman will also appreciate everyone having a glass! Get it at Etsy.

FG 01 28 19 6-106. Yummy Yogurt

These adorable little bottles are full of delicious yogurt drink. This unique, tiny fairy drink is a gulp of goodness, tart and pretty ideal for everyone. The more health-conscious fairies might appreciate getting this option at the table. Find them at Etsy.

7. The Royal Wine

No Valentine’s Ball is complete without a royal toast, and this fairy drink will be the center of the attention. It’s a beautiful bottle of fairy wine, surrounded by silvery goblets, ready for the King and Queen to raise in celebration for the big day. Find it at Etsy.

8. Summery Sangria

For fairies that might prefer a sweeter option for the wine, this lovely sangria would surely be to their liking. It’s a deep pink and fruity, giving everyone who sips it an instant image of how wonderful summer would be once it comes. Get it at Etsy.

9. Perfectly Pink Punch

This magical fairy drink will be a hit with the girls. It’s a vibrantly pink and fruity punch topped with cream and sparkling sprinkles. The taste is of the best of the forest berries and surely will make anyone fall in love. Get it at Amazon.

10. Charming Cup of Coffee

Once the party winds down but the talking still hasn’t, a nice hot cup of coffee will keep everyone occupied. It’s the best drink to close out the night after all the sweets and celebration, and will perk up some sleepy heads. Find it at Etsy.

Make sure everyone has a glass in hand and ready to party for the Valentine’s Day ball!

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