Fairy Scoop: The Sweetest Little Couples to Invite to Your Fairy Garden Valentines Celebration

Love is in the air and it’s especially prevalent in the most magical places in the world. One of them is your own fairy garden! Make your fairy garden Valentine’s Day a little more special by inviting some cute couples of all shapes and sizes. They’ll add that much-loved romance to the atmosphere and look absolutely adorable while doing so. Meet these little couples and enjoy all the wholesome, loved-up presence they’ll bring to a fairy garden:

FG 01 30 19 1-51. Storybook Swans

Opposites attract and it couldn’t be truer for these elegant swans who would add a romantic touch to a fairy garden’s pond or creekside. One is a black swan, the other is a white swan, but both of them remain beautifully tranquil and enjoy each other’s company on the grass or by the waters. Find them at Etsy.

2. The Forever Couple

Fairies and gnomes live for such a long time, for an eternia and back, that when they say they will love each other forever, they certainly have to mean it. That’s just the case with this little couple, two elderly gnomes who have been together so long, it’s hard to imagine life without each other. Get their company for your garden at Etsy.

3. The Newlyweds

Just as long, enduring love stories are beautiful, so are ones that are just started. Just like this little couple of newlyweds who are enjoying a sweet kiss as they say “I do”. Their love story is getting a sparkling new start in the heart of your fairy garden! Get this pair at Etsy.

4. Sweetheart Squirrels

Scampering down from the trees are these sweetheart squirrels. This little couple will bring so much mischief and joy together in the fairy garden. You can see how fond there are of one another, as they sit together and form an adorable little heart with their bushy tails. They’ll certainly feel right at home in the garden. Get them at Etsy.

5. A Royal Proposal

What’s this? Is this a prince proposing to his princess in the fairy garden? It looks like this little couple is preparing to embark on their own romantic love story, with the prince offering his vows of eternal love to his beautiful princess. Certainly a very loving sight to see, especially during Valentine’s Day! See the couple at Etsy.

FG 01 30 19 6-106. Lovely Lovebirds

You can’t have a Valentine’s Day romance without mentioning lovebirds. And this cute little couple of lovebirds will fill the garden with delight and music as they sing their song of love to everyone. The air in the garden will be so full of sweetness with their presence. Find them at Etsy.

7. Perfectly Precious Penguins

These penguins have come quite a long way from the snowy worlds in the poles to bring some love into your fairy garden. Penguins mate for life, and their little love story will remain true to the end. You’ll enjoy watching them go around on a sweet vacation in warmer clients as a loving couple exploring the garden. Get them at Etsy.

8. The Fancy Frogs

This little couple have their own fancy umbrella to sit under during their Valentine’s Day date. They’re relaxing in each other’s company as they keep themselves from drying out under the sun (frogs don’t do well dried out, after all!). They’ll be a lovely sight to see in your garden of love. Find them at Amazon.

9. Dearly Beloved Deer

Young love is one of the sweetest forms. That rings true for this little couple: a pair of young spotted fawns. Watch them prance and play in your garden as they bond together, budding and blooming in each other’s company as they grow. They’ll look adorable come spring! Find them at Amazon.

10. The Happy Hedgehogs

Finally, this shy, sweet little couple will round out a true woodland romance. Hedgehogs are noticeably timid, and they can be a little defensive, but there’s no denying that these two hedgies are some of the most loving. Nestled under their little flower, they exchange sweet whispers and berries. Find them at Amazon.


Fill your fairy garden with love this Valentine’s Day. Bring in these beautiful little couples and watch love spring into the air!


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