All In Bloom: Flowers to Fill Your Fairy Garden This Valentines

The first feature of Valentine’s Day that you may think of after all the hearts would be the flowers. As a universal symbol of beauty, love, and affection, flowers speak words simply by being present. And when presented to a lucky recipient, they mean even more. It’s not a surprise that the fairy kingdom is full of these beautiful flowers, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, more and more of them appear in the gardens as the celebrations ramp up.

Have a look at some of the most striking flowers that can be added to a fairy garden to bring love and joy to the fairies this Valentine’s Day.

FG 01 31 19 1-51. Pansies of Affection

Pansies come in a myriad of eyecatching colors. They’re some of the most vibrant flower additions that can be made to any fairy garden. Pansies, in the language of flowers, say, “Admiration, from one person to another.” It’s the ideal blossom to place into a garden come Valentine’s Day, when so many expressions of admiration and affection happen! Get them at Etsy.

2. Red Rose of Passion

Red roses are ubiquitous when it comes to romance. They’re the ever-present symbol of love and passion throughout the entire year. And come Valentine’s Day, these flowers will be virtually everywhere. They’ve appeared in the most magical tales of love stories. They’ll be the fairy kingdom’s most famous flowers, and you can find them at Etsy.

3. Fairyland’s Heart Flowers

These unique, heart-shaped blooms are exceedingly rare: They can only be found in the Fairy Kingdoms! They come in different colors, but they all share a beautiful trait: they’re shaped like little hearts, with little golden stalks. It’s one of the fairies’ most precious flowers and they’re absolutely a must-have to bring in the Valentine’s Day atmosphere. Get them at Etsy.

4. Carolina’s Blue Sedum of Tranquility

These brilliant flowers, also known as Stonecrop, are so vibrant that they’ll immediately catch any fairy’s eye from a distance. The blue sedum, in the language of flowers, say, “Tranquility.” They instantly add a sense of comfort and peace to a fairy garden, much in the same way that lovers feel at ease with the ones they love. Get these flowers at Etsy.

5. Pink Stonecrop of Beautiful Tranquility

Just like the blue stonecrop, the pink variant of this beautiful fairy garden flower expresses beauty as all pink flowers do. It symbolizes that magical, beautiful tranquility that lovers can enjoy in the safety and wonder of the fairy garden. Just imagine a fairy prince and princess, curled by the blooms, enjoying a delightful picnic together! Get this variant at Etsy.

FG 01 31 19 6-106. Hollyhock of Hopeful Ambition

These hollyhocks aren’t just uniquely beautiful, with their swirling spires reaching up to the sky. They’re also incredibly meaningful. They represent a fruitful ambition. Just as lovers feel hopeful on Valentine’s Day, dreaming that when they confess their love to that most special person, they get rewarded by a positive answer. Add this beautiful flower through Etsy.

7. Tulip of Perfect Love

Of all the magical flowers that can be added to a fairy garden, the tulip is one of the most important. Tulips are so enchanting that each color has a different meaning. Purple tulips symbolize royalty, and the ideal blossom for the King and Queen. Scarlet tulips showcase perfect love. Yellow tulips offer sunshine and joy. Any fairy can pick up their favorite tulip and offer it to their beloved, and it would have a special meaning. Get them at Etsy.

8. The Rose Topiary

With roses being the primary symbol of love in a fairy garden, these flowers must be placed in the most prominent of areas for Valentine’s Day. These topiaries, full of red roses, could be placed along doorways or pathways, lining the entire garden in blossoms. They could be made beacons leading to the door of that most beloved. See them at Etsy.

9. Daisies of New Beginnings

Though they may be seen as “common”, these pure white, bright-eyed daisies are a very hopeful flower to see in a fairy garden. They look forward to new beginnings, such as what young lovers hope for when they finally find courage to confess on this sweetest of days. Let the romance come to the garden, as bright as these daisies! Get them at Etsy.

10. Lilies of Ardent Devotion

Finally, there are the lilies. They’re one of the most beautiful kinds of flowers to add to a fairy garden. Lilies, often seen as exotic and delicate, symbolize true and undying devotion to a loved one. They’re a vow and a promise to a most special someone, telling them that this is a love that will last forever. It’s a true fairytale ending all in one flower. Get them at Etsy.


Fill the fairy garden with the most beautiful and meaningful flowers of love this Valentine’s Day, making everything so much more special and magical!


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