Calling All Love Birds! Feathery Friends for Your Fairy Garden Valentines

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day in a fairy garden without an assortment of lovebirds fluttering about in the air and singing to one another. While there is, of course, actual species of lovebirds, feathery friends have always symbolized love, hope, and new beginnings. These delightful birds that rest in the trees offer up enchanting melodies that give romantic forest walks their very own soundtrack. In fact, the forest birds have always appeared in storybooks and fairytales, and they help lead the way to true love and a happily ever after.

See some of these adorable birds that you can meet in a fairy garden:

fg 02 01 19 1-51. The Wise Owls

These adorable owls, hooting away through the trees, are some of the wisest birds in the world. These particular ones are wise enough to know: it’s just not right to get in the way of true love. They’ve found this for themselves, with each other. Let them snuggle into a tree trunk together as they watch over a fairy garden with the wisdom of ages. Find them at Etsy.

2. Loving Lovebirds

The quintessential lovebirds should never be excluded from a fairy garden. These pretty birds mate for life and can be seen as very affectionate and attentive to their mates. It’s just the thing for lovers and fairies to appreciate and take after. They’ll chirp and trill out their love for one another as they hop over the branches. Get them at Etsy.

3. Scarlet Cardinals

Red as the hearts and gifts on Valentine’s Day, cardinals are birds of love in the truest form. Their pretty song sounds through the trees as their bright scarlet feathers flash in the sunlight. A fairy garden with cardinals sitting in the branches, red as a Valentine, and singing already looks like it’s aptly decked out for the big day! Get these pretty cardinals over at Amazon.

4. Pixie Green Birds

It might take someone a little bit of time before they spot these beautiful little birds hidden in the trees. They’re emerald green as the sun-dappled leaves of the forest in springtime and the summer. But their song can be heard if you listen, and they’ll happily sing all above love. Their melodies ring over the forest like a love song for Valentine’s. See them at Etsy.

5. The Valentines Crane

This tall and bandy-legged crane has arrived into a fairy garden to give out a Valentine! He has a little heart tied around his elegant neck as his precious present, hoping to give it to a pair of lucky lovers this Valentine’s Day. Even though you might usually find in him Asian inspired fairy gardens far in lands of the East, he can fit in just about anywhere, as love is a universal language. Get him at Etsy.

fg 02 01 19 6-106. Marvelous Mandarin Ducks

When it comes to bringing brilliant splashes of color into a garden, mandarin ducks are some of the finest birds for the job. In fact, it was only so recently that a mandarin duck has captivated the world for its incredible plumage that seems to take all the colors of the rainbow! These two mandarin ducks will add beauty to the Valentine’s scenery. Get them at Etsy.

7. Graceful Swans

A lovely garden with a little pond gets infinitely more romantic with graceful swans floating along. Symbols of beauty among birds, these two swans, one black and one white, look just like a pair of lovers floating serenely. Their necks form the shape of a heart and they’ll look very sweet floating over the water as lovers stroll by. Get them at Etsy.

8. The Bright Blue Jay

When a streak of white and blue flashes through the branches, it means that the pretty blue jay has arrived to grace a fairy garden with its own kind of magic. Blue jays invoke loyalty and endurance, making them also ideal for partners and lovers. Having them around a garden will bring a magic that ensures love stays strong and enduring for ages. Find them at Etsy.

9. The Pretty Parrots

They’re loud in color and in voice, but these pretty parrots will bring a smile to anyone’s face when they’re spotted in a fairy garden. They’re very clever birds who love to sing and echo words that they hear. So if you say “I love you” in front of them, they might just go about repeating it to each other and to you! Get them at Amazon.

10. Bluebirds on a Leaf

And last but certainly not the least, the bluebirds must definitely be in attendance. Bluebirds are often heard of in fairytales, singing their song and playing with magical princesses. These cuties know true love when they see it! Sometimes they even lift capes and veils, always so helpful to a pretty lady about to meet her prince charming. Find them at Etsy.


With this flock of feathered friends coming to visit for Valentine’s Day, their songs and colors will fill the air with vibrant romance all throughout Valentine’s Day! Don’t miss the chance to have such lovely birds over.


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